Tips, do they deserve it?

I can’t confirm that tips go to the employees of restraunts, but I have a major qualm against the mandatory tip to bills at restraunts in Taiwan. I have nice meals at restraunt with terrible or literally NO service and they still expect a tip. I think a tip has to be earned, emphasis on the term “gratuity”. Yes it should be given, but not as a mandatory thing. Especially after a recent CAPT meeting at DV8. I can only say that that wasn’t the first time I bumped into bad service requiring a tip, and that wasn’t the first time it happened at DV8 either. Tell me, am I wrong to think this way? Wouldn’t the “reward” of a big tip be better than an obligatory tip that is just an excuse for the restraunt to make an extra buck?

You tip? In Taipei? Why? I never tip. When I was in the states I had a hard time getting used to it.

The 10% service charge you usually get hammered with is supposed to go to the wait staff, but I can’t confirm it does. I can confirm that mandatory gratuity does absolutely nothing for the quality of service.

Unfortunately, foreigner in Taiwan constitute such a small minority that even if we all started tipping heavily, it wouldn’t be enough to pay a waiter working for tips to have his shirt washed. As trendy as some of us think we are toward societal evolution, we’re not going to dent this can.

Restaurants have found an acceptable way to add 10% onto the bill without doing anything extra. Pretty good scam if you ask me. More power to them.