Tips to help you learn Chinese Language:

Learning a foreign language is an arduous task, particularly when the foreign language is as different from one’s own tongue as hieroglyphics is from modern English! But, there are some tips to make learning Chinese easier & quicker.

  1. Select which language you wanna start with. Many people may not know it at first but the ‘Chinese language’ refers to both Mandarin as well as Cantonese. Mandarin is easier to learn as it is more structured.
  2. Begin with pronunciation. Some students may try and learn the script first. But, speaking the language is the easiest way to learn Chinese
  3. Learn to recognize tones because Chinese is a tonal language. One of the important strategies for learning Chinese is to sensitize your ears to tones.
  4. Choose an audio based program to learn proper tones in Chinese. Many students attempt to use the Pinyin straight away. The Chinese Pinyin has the phonetic pronunciation of all Chinese characters. However, the Pinyin is for advanced users because it is somewhat complicated.
  5. Practice and memorize simple phrases. Trying to learn a language word by word is painstaking. Instead, learn phrases. When you learn phrases, language becomes easier to learn and you will also have a sense of accomplishment. Practice learning with a partner, if you can.
  6. Obtaining a robust Chinese vocabulary as much as you can in that it might be a relief for students to know grammar in the Chinese Language.
  7. Revisit new words you have learnt from time to time.
  8. Expose yourself to it as much as you can. Listen to audio tapes. In fact, learning Chinese becomes much simpler if you stay in a place like Beijing or you can choose a Chinese Tutoring Courses.
  9. If you want to learn Chinese fast, find a native speaker to assist you. Not only will they teach you the right tones and pronunciation, they will also force you to practice your sketchy language on them.
  10. The more you expose yourself to a language, the more you will soak it up, naturally and quickly. If you are living in a place like Beijing, try and visit local markets and restaurants by yourself. Read newspapers in the Chinese language. Do not be self-conscious. Instead, have the brazenness of a child. It’s alright to make mistakes – and learn from these mistakes.
  11. Take good advantage of online Chinese Learning Resources
    There are some free online Chinese Learning Resources may help students to further expand their learning basis & enhance chances to expose themselves to the environment. Free resources like huayuworld and ,etc.

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