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Can recommend me a place to find tire sealers or Anti-Flat Bicycle Tire Sealants (for prevention) ?

Thank you

Do you mean something like this?



I’m also interested, assuming this stuff is useful.

Would a tubeless tire be the best if what I want is to avoid a flat during a race?

Edit: After a search, it looks like they’ve got pre-treated tubes. No spray can. Any thoughts?

Hi Marasan

I am not sure how well it works, you can however look customers review on Amazon store and even ask your question there.
If I cannot find this product locally, I will end up order it from the US but there are so many ppl who enjoy cycling here that I am surprised it seems so difficult to find it here.

Hey guys, I’m not aware of a product like that and if it’s available in Taiwan. Your best bet would be to bring a picture of it and ask a few shops.

Tubeless and tubular tires are equally prone to flat tires. Different is, a lot of people claim that tubeless are faster and they also cost much more at around 2000NT+ per tire.

A properly set up tubeless can certainly help in avoiding flats compared to a tire that needs tubes, it’s one of the benefits of going tubeless. It’s not 100% of course. Your wheels need to be designed to accept tubeless tires.

Tubeless and tubular are different things.

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Thanks, I finally decided to buy it directly from Amazon US, it is not really expensive and will save me time.

Asked my wife to pick me up a new inner tube. Puncture resistant? I hope so but I have my doubts.

Hi I bought slime sealant from Amazon US, it was not expensive even with transport and so far so good. you can see customers review on their website, they seems pretty satisfied.

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It is true on road/cycle-cross/gravel bikes due to higher tyre pressure.

It is not necessary true on mountain bikes as the pressure can go very low, down to 10psi on some fat or 29+ 27.5+ wheels. I personally run 24psi front and 26psi rear on my 26" full-sus and it’s considered high in MTB tubeless area.

In the early days before tubeless got popular. I’m saying before 2010. Stan’s NoTube kit was an option to go tubeless and back then there were no tubeless-ready rim and tyres to choose from. We were simply using Stan’s kit or a ghetto conversion with some sealant then we have a pair of tubeless wheels.

The even earlier MAVIC UST is an exception but it never got fully popular.

I’m a big fan of tubeless. I once had all my bikes converted: commuter, MTB, road bike.

Sure road bikes… which is what I think we were talking about…anyway not sure how that makes the statement incorrect, but thanks for making the distinction, 2 years later.


I’d be a fan of tubeless until I get a flat in the middle of a ride and forget to bring patches. Not to mention how it’s a feat to change the tires.

Tubeless feels nice, but if you are using this system on a bike that isn’t used regularly, forget it. The sealant pools at the bottom of the wheel, solidifying there and creating an imbalance.

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@LukeForward I like you already, but I also feel like to give you this advice: don’t overdo it. I mean, I’m sure you’re a nice guy and probably a competent bicycle mechanic. I will even try your services if I ever need a mechanic doing something on my bicycle (but odds are that I won’t really need them, or not on my current bike, maybe if I finally decide to go ahead and do my own build!). But I’m sure you don’t need to resurrect old threads for giving yourself some extra presence. I mean, I personally will enjoy your input on the posts that will slowly appear in this section, and I’m looking forward to your brand new threads about whatever you want to share, but… take it easy :slightly_smiling_face:


Reviving threads is fine. I would rather he use the same thread if he has something on that subject to share rather than opening up a new thread.

Easier for users when searching.

Fair enough.

Apologizes for the wrong-doing and suggestion accepted.

I tried to keep up with this forum a few years ago but failed because I went side-tracked. The overdoing is something impulsive I have to admit. Not my first time to revive or boost up a relatively quite forum and it all ended up me being too noisy.

I’ll rectify myself.

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No worries. Just send me a discount voucher by PM and we move on :smiley: