Tire Sealer



Can recommend me a place to find tire sealers or Anti-Flat Bicycle Tire Sealants (for prevention) ?

Thank you


Do you mean something like this?





I’m also interested, assuming this stuff is useful.

Would a tubeless tire be the best if what I want is to avoid a flat during a race?

Edit: After a search, it looks like they’ve got pre-treated tubes. No spray can. Any thoughts?


Hi Marasan

I am not sure how well it works, you can however look customers review on Amazon store and even ask your question there.
If I cannot find this product locally, I will end up order it from the US but there are so many ppl who enjoy cycling here that I am surprised it seems so difficult to find it here.


Hey guys, I’m not aware of a product like that and if it’s available in Taiwan. Your best bet would be to bring a picture of it and ask a few shops.

Tubeless and tubular tires are equally prone to flat tires. Different is, a lot of people claim that tubeless are faster and they also cost much more at around 2000NT+ per tire.


A properly set up tubeless can certainly help in avoiding flats compared to a tire that needs tubes, it’s one of the benefits of going tubeless. It’s not 100% of course. Your wheels need to be designed to accept tubeless tires.

Tubeless and tubular are different things.


Thanks, I finally decided to buy it directly from Amazon US, it is not really expensive and will save me time.


Asked my wife to pick me up a new inner tube. Puncture resistant? I hope so but I have my doubts.


Hi I bought slime sealant from Amazon US, it was not expensive even with transport and so far so good. you can see customers review on their website, they seems pretty satisfied.