Tired of living in this s***hole

Yes! Shithole…it’s 2 am on Christmas morning…some mother fucker is playing their music full blast into an enclosed open space where all the bedrooms of the apartments open on to…I am levid! I don’t know where it is coming from - the entrance to the next block of apartments, where it’s most likely coming from is locked so I can not go in and locate the source. I have a murderous rage…I am not scared of anyone. Why do they do this? WHY?! I am a foreigner here with the handicap of the language barrier but why does nobody else do something? Why does nobody complain?

What are they scared of?

Why are people allowed to shit on each other’s peace and quiet?

What is wrong with this society? It stinks!

Oh yeah! Merry Christmas.

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Are they playing bongos? Probably foreigners. And good luck trying to reason with those bastards. :laughing:

CAALLL the COPS. Another pot of half dead MaryJane is going DOWN buster !

Can’t you see?? They are celebrating Christmas! The festival of the foreigners, if you can’t beat em’ join em. Spread the holiday cheer!!!

Well, it you feel that way, GTFO … or wear -30 dB earplugs. Personally, I wear earplugs.

Absolutely NO one has EVER accused Taiwan of being quiet ! :slight_smile: The place is a cacophony 24/7

Right. And Christmas Eve has traditionally been an adult party night in Taiwan–like Halloween or New Year’s Eve. Now that Taiwanese don’t get Christmas off and have discovered New Year’s Eve, it’s not quite as crazy as it used to be, but last night was still pretty rowdy.

What you can do is call the cops like everyone else does. Learn enough Chinese to be able to say your neighbor’s address and add ‘tai4chao3le5’. Practice three times. Call the police at 110 (it will be routed to your local station) and tell them the problem. They have to go check it out and they will tell them to keep it down. If they get noisy again, call again. That’s what everyone else does.

I would avoid going over in person unless you are absolutely sure they are wimps and from somewhere else. You have no idea who they are (probably nobody) and how the will respond. Let the cops do it. It’s their job.

Finally, if you think Taiwan is a shithole, leave.

Merry Christmas.

I get nostalgic whenever I read something like this. It reminds me of my youth (the late '60s) in Louisiana, when peckerwoods, knuckledraggers, and sheet-wearers were sporting the slogan “America: Love It or Leave It” on the bumpers of their pickup trucks. Thanks, Feiren, for bringing back those wonderful memories.

You, too, you, too.

Quite right. I’ve tried the direct approach before. Causes more problems than it solves. Just call the coppers. :thumbsup:

So, what’s your advice for the lonely waiguo that thinks Taiwan is a shithole and who detests the place and everything in it? I’m not talking about the vast majority of us who go through the inevitable “I hate this fcking traffic!!" or "The fckar*e temple down the road has been at it for three days straight!” or even the old “WTF is it with construction workers outside my window at 7am on Christmas??!!” Regardless of where you live, we all go through that. That’s what we’re here for. Bitching about the odd nuisance or asshole (which we normally would have done with family or friends back home over a beer and a barbie on Saturday arvies). But saying you’re tired of living in this shithole? Seems that’s more than bitching about the odd nuisance or pet peeve. Sounds more like, “I’m unhappy here. I hate it here. I wish I was elsewhere.” Seems to me, the only solution in that case is to GTFO. :idunno:
Bears no resemblance to “Love it or leave it” IMVHO.

That’s a little feeble, you are not only complaining about the noise but also about that others do not complain.
Oh you are a foreigner? Just shout something in English like “I’m a foreigner, I can’t deal with problems on my own.” Shout loud, do that for an hour with a high pitched voice and maybe someone will shout in Chinese/Taiwanese “shut tf up” - and then those who are so noisy might stop.

Seriously, call the cops, and if you’re not able to do that, do yourself an others here a favor and leave this island.

Actually, you can bet others have and will complain, just not directly to the culprits themselves.

Everyone is allowed to vent.

Many times I felt that Taiwan was (insert ignorant comment here) when I first got there, but then once I got used to it, things like noisy neighbors, loud temples, bai bai parades, and even the early morning jackhammer didn’t bother me.

He will get used to it eventually, but now he needs to vent.

Feel better OP?

Fair enough. :idunno:

In my mid-twenties I did a little stint on my uncle’s farm. One of the first tasks he set me to was cleaning a chicken house. During the task my uncle came around to see how I was doing. We chatted awhile, then, as he made as if to go, I asked him a question about something that had piqued my curiosity during the task. I’d noticed that a large proportion of the chicken droppings contained a mysterious-looking white substance. I pointed at one of the droppings and asked my uncle what the white substance was, and he informed me that it was chickenshit. Moreover, he informed me in plain terms that, whatever color, texture, or other seemingly-distinguishing characteristic might be found in a piece of chickenshit, that whole damn thing was nothing but chickenshit, through and through. Then he left.

Hope this helps.

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The great philosophizers also failed to find a solution.

Lets form a posse and chase him out of Tombstone ! But actually I do think he was kidding.

Well, you could always return to ‘the world’ and pound steel for a living. Eat Mr. Noodle and wonder how you’re going to survive until your next paycheque. Or you could move to a xenophobic place like Korea…eat crickets in Thailand…the world is your oyster my friend :slight_smile:

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Everywhere sucks a little bit. Doesn’t matter which city on the planet you are in they all have their good and bad points. Hell would be awesome but is too hot and Heaven isn’t that great because you can’t get laid. See…we can complain about anything. :2cents:


I’m pretty sure you can get laid in Heaven. BUT! Only with your wife. And even if Hell was cooler, it would still suck having someone jab hot pokers up your ass all day, unless, of course, that’s you bag. :smiley:

But, in essence, I agree with you. Everywhere has it’s pros and cons. You just need to find a place that has more cons (and, no, I don’t mean con artists, before anyone tries that angle…) than pros (and, NO! I don’t mean hookers!), according to your preferences or POV and then you’ll be happy as a clam.

But if your wife was in Heaven with you, then wouldn’t that be Hell? :laughing: I guess it depends on your wife. :cactus: