Tiscali tells UK recording industry to sod off


[quote]Tiscali tells UK recording industry to sod off

Pirating proof pants

By Nick Farrell: Wednesday 12 July 2006, 07:13
YESTERDAY’S comments by the British Phonographic Industry that it had read the riot act to two UK ISPs and asked them to pull the plug on their P2P pirates has been disputed by one of the ISPs.

Yesterday the BPI said it had presented Tiscali with “overwhelming evidence” that some of its customers were P2P pirates and told them to pull the plug on them.

However Tiscali is fuming that it appears to have suffered what it calls a “media ambush” by the BPI which had sent a copy of its letter to the press before it had bothered mailing it to them.[/quote]

Tee hee.

The letter is here.

That is quite a strong solicitor’s letter. And fair enough. The BPI needs to deal with its own issues. Blaming an ISP for copyright infringements is like blaming the roads for speeding.