Title change:could taike-ism be defined as a trashy culture?

just want some definitions and opinions. pains me to ask this question. no hatred here.

i don’t know, you could be defined as a “penis” for asking such a question though.

I think this is just flame bait now. Really.

Kill topic. Kill! Kill!

What would you define as “yellow trash?” What would you define as Taiwanese culture. It’s a bit of a broad question really.

It could be. But the person making such a definition would probably be narrow minded.

I really hate when people say this, so it pains me to be the one that says it, but with as much as you obviously hate it here why don’t you just go home?

He hates it there too. So many fat people.

And If you’re not grooving here but stay anyway, at least have the dignity to shut up and take your licks like a man. Don’t bring your negativity to this forum. By the way, maybe the term you’re after is “Tai2 Ke4”: It’s the same thing but different, is it not?

Really? Then what is it? Where do these thoughts stem from? Know thyself.

let me explain. i KNOW what white trash is. i grew up in it. and i’ve tried both GEOGRAPHICALY and MENTALLY to distance myself from it. i would like to think that i could go back and not be sucked into the white trash culture, but i believe proximity will drag me down. i’ve seen it. i don’t cut white trash ANY slack. i even blame what happened with KATRINA on white trash lackadasical mentality.

i do not believe that not knowing something makes one trash. it’s when one doesn’t recognize a “class move” that one puts oneself in that catagory. i believe the “tai ke-ism” that we are seeing in TW quantifies as yellow trash culture. i believe the boisterous, can’t accept sincere caring from a foriegner because i’m too blinded by "i wanna be a taiwanese"ism quantifies as yellow trash.

i tried to show sincere respect to some people over the past couple of weeks only to have it turned around as the opposite and thrown back in my face. like i learned in Sunday school:

“don’t throw your pearls before swine, nor give what is valuable to the dogs, lest they turn and rend you”.

it’s just like some black people just waiting for you to say the “N” word. how can i offer them friendship? oh wait. i’;m being condescending by wanting to offer my friendship. tai ke ism is a disease. TWese are the ones being small minded, and us against them.
that’s what i mean.

and for those of you who don’t like the word yellow trash, please explain to me why the term "white trash drug addict " is okay but “bing lang spitting hick yellow trash” is not. do not BOTH EXIST on this very same island?

add to this the tendency here for group think, ganging up on a single person, etc and i ask you is this a culture of any merit? is TW culture bankrupt? i think not. but tai ke ism and “bun tu hwa”(localisation) are nothing but RACISM AND FASCISM IN DISGUISE.

Through your writing here, you sound like the skinheads that plagued my old hometown streets with their “freedom of speech” rights when they shouted their views on the same streets were my nieces played.

I do not like the way you post here because your written words are filled with anger and hate. I would tell you to go home, but I assume you are probably just as angry there as you are here.

Please do not stand behind the statement “freedom of speech” like so many others do just to have an excuse to spread ignorant views, hate, anger or just to simply act like an ass.

If you have a problem, why not try to come to us with a little different approach? You might be surprised on some of the responses you would get.

i DO NOT hate the TWese and don’t accuse me of such. i feel they have entered a truly harmful political/social philosophy that is KEEPING THEM DOWN. i’m trying to help them. i and others are trying to build a bridge to them but they don’t want it. in the name of “i wanna be taiwanese no matter what” they have put cultural identity ahead of bridge building. it is the Taiwanese not I who have acted in racism.

I do not see any Taiwanese (Or Twese as you call “them”) posting with as much anger as you.

What I do see is the way you post about Taiwanese here and it reeks of racism from where I am sitting.

I am not interested in your hate speeches. I have offered help through my suggestions and you refuse to see nothing but negative. If you do not take care, it will eat you up from the inside.

could TWese culture be defined as “yellow trash”?

How is the culture trash?

Have you seen Matsu?
Have you been to a temple?
Have you a prayer room in your home?
Have you been to the Formosa culture village next to SunMoonLake?
Ever been to spend time with aboriginal families?
Have you consulted someone over the careful naming of a child?

‘White trash’ defines the lowest of the low. Do people think that Taiwan is the lowest of the low culture wise? Man, you on crack.

how about you have an arguement with your girlfriend on the street and 10 TWese jump in and say “you better not mistreat our girls”? how about you bump cars and the people gather around and say “don’t let that foriegner cheat you” how about being over charged and laughed at “those foriegners are dumb”?

who is the racist in this case?

[quote=“TomHill”]Have you been to a temple?

Cheap plastic ornaments and gaudy neon lights. There are a few temples that try to get classy right, but most of them I see are quite tacky. Strictly aesthetically speaking (nothing to do with religion).

[quote=“theposter”]how about you have an arguement with your girlfriend on the street and 10 TWese jump in and say “you better not mistreat our girls”? how about you bump cars and the people gather around and say “don’t let that foriegner cheat you” how about being over charged and laughed at “those foriegners are dumb”?

who is the racist in this case?[/quote]

I think fighting with your girlfriend in public is kinda trashy. :idunno:

I think theposter is not trying to paint everyone who is Taiwanese with the same brush here, but merely trying to identify the parallel of what he considers to be “white trash” back home in the US.

I don’t believe his posts are hate filled either. There are some nasty scrotes in Taiwan. If one can feel free to label a group of people “white trash” in the US, then why not 'yellow trash" in Taiwan if they mirror the kind of people theposter is talking about?

It seems we spend most of our time pussy-footing around trying not to offend other cultures, but we feel free to offend ourselves and aspects of our culture.
White trash is a widely accepted term and while derogatory, refers to a category within society who exist with certain traits, habits and dare I say, culture.
Why should the same not hold true in Taiwan?