Tiverton Petroleum

TIV on the TSX (Toronto Stock Exchange)

In the last month a top energy fund has bought 9 million shares.
Why? They have added them to their list of top energy / oil companies or trusts in Canada including Encana ECA TSX to name one. I can’t recall the other companies off the top of my head. The fund has been an impressive performer over hte last five years. 20% plus return over five years.

The shares are trading at .38 cents / share today. I found it interesting that most fund managers will not even look at penny stocks however this fund company has made it one of their top holdings.

My father pointed it out and suggested a gamble.

IT will do one of three things.

  1. Bought out so price goes up.
  2. Convert to a trust in the future so price goes up.
  3. Continue to grow in value so price goes up.

the fourth… go bankrupt…but doubtful as the fund manager is actively acquiring shares and they are collecting income income on their wells in Alberta and selling off wells in order to fuel growth.