TLI Neihu Study Partner Wanted

I’m starting classes on the 16th, 9:30-11:20 Every Tu and Friday. Writing included. I halfway through book one. Anyone interseted in studying together can send me a PM.


I’m a little further on than that but i would be grateful if you could give me their nei hu address. thanks

Really? THey have a Neihu branch? Where? Just curious, as I’m in Donghu (east part of Neihu), and would like to be able to tell foreigners in the area about it.

TLI Neihu Branch,
KangNing Rd, Sec 3

It’s the big red brick apartments between the gas station and Ming Hu Shcool. Cant’ miss it. It’s on the third floor above the bank machine. The classrooms are shared by Oxford international school.

I’ll get the full address and postit later.


nice, not far from where i live.
i have actually seen the tli sign before ,i’ve even hung around outside of the building but i got the impression that they had left now because of the oxford school
i think i will have a wander down to take a look