tmi, taiwan mandarin institute- any experience with this school?

So i feel like i can’t put off some(part time) formal Chinese studying any longer. Old men keep slagging off how bad my Chinese is after finding out that i have already been here a few years. Its embarrassing.

I read a review of this place TMI taiwan mandarin institute a while ago and that review made it seem pretty good.
Infact online nearly all the reviews are glowing. Has anyone actually studied there though? So far i have not had a great experience after contacting them. i’m a little hesitant now.

I’ve been there recently, and I’ll go back again. I like the school and the teachers.

My challenge with TMI is with their lack of coordination in getting signed up. Just keep working it. It’s easy to register if you walk in and there is a class at your level open. But if not, the coordination on a future class isn’t the best. I once ended up going to another school for a couple months that easily signed me up, but came back to TMI. My friend stayed at the other school.

The 4 similar schools TMI, TCA, TLI, Han in the area (not including the universities) are basically same type of instruction.

This thread and others in Learning Chinese forum might help.

You can sign for a month and see how you like it.

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thanks! thats good to know. what course did you do?