To 60 day ornot to 60 day

So it seems to me that it’s a waste of time applying for a 60 day visa, since it costs aboutt he same amount as a plane ticket to hong kong and back, could potentially be refused, and also if I do get an ARC in that first 30 days, that’s 6500NT I wasted for no reason. So staying with my 30 day landing seems like a no-brainer to me, but my buddy says i’m in danger of getting refused on landing and am better off with the 60 days. This is my first two months ever in the country so far. What should I do?

you are awaiting an ARC . So all you really need is to pop out of Taiwan and come back on another landing visa. There is no real reason you will be refused a landing visa unless…

Some of the ways you would be refused is if :

  1. You have previously overstayed a visa
  2. You are from a country that is not eligible for a landing visa
  3. You are wanted by Interpol

Well I found a job today, except I was informed that you can’t apply for an ARC on a 30 day so now I have to spend 15,000 NT to go and get the 60 day one. This blows. Hopefully other newbies will see this and not get screwed like I did :stuck_out_tongue: