To buy or bye dollars?

So what’s it going to be?

Revaluation for US$ upto 33.5? are you buying NTD or just selling short on anticipation of a strengthening NTD?

I sold some HKD about three months ago, and seen a small move up since then. I still have US$ in a US brokerage. Stock market’s rising again, time to sell?



I’m waiting on buying dollars till I go back to the states. The are some serious inequalities in the currency markets. Fortunately/unfortunately currency markets are the most erratic tending to overshoot both ways before finding an “equilibrium.” I would be ecstatic to see the dollar take a sharp drop in about 6 months versus Asian currencies. Unfortunately, that isn’t likely to happen as Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan will buy as many US treasuries as possible to keep their currencies low against the dollar as they seem quite blind to the serious problems that inflicts on their own economies and businesses.

The point is: don’t play currencies. Like gambling on horses only with more erratic behavior. If you do please pay attention to the Big Mac Index of foreign currencies as it has been one of the most accurate forecasters so far.