To marry my taiwanese bf

Okay - I’ve tried reading most of the posts here, but either my eyes are getting blind on me or I have been reading too fast… can’t seem to find what I’m looking for :ponder:

I’ll be marrying my taiwanese boyfriend next year.
I’m Danish - I know what papers to bring (single papers etc) for the marriage.

Can I keep my own surname, or do I take his - can I have both surnames?
DO I need a chinese name?

We have a son together; will we get joint custody automatically when we marry?
Our son was born in Denmark and right now I have sole custody.

Thanks :yay:

Mr He has a posting on page 4 of this thread –
Forumosa entrepreneurship meeting Sunday March 19
[ … ht=#505608](Forumosa entrepreneurship meeting Sunday April 16, 2006

His contact details are visible there. I suggest that you get in touch with Mr He because he is Danish and he is married to a Taiwanese lady.

Now I am a male, so the situation might be different in my regard.

When it comes to your Chinese surname, then my former wife kept hers. Now, I did not have a Chinese surname back then, so there was nothing to give, or so to speak.

When it came to her English name and surname, then she kept that too.

We were married in Taipei.

However, if you want a joining family residence visa, then you might want to reconsider to be married in Denmark, and having him bringing what documents he might need to Denmark instead. It will be easier to show that the Danish government recognizes the marriage if done there, and that’s something the Taiwanese govt cares about. I forgot that paper when I got my JFRW several years ago, and it took me 2 months to get it sorted.

When it comes to paternity issues, then note that custody and paternity are 2 different issues. I would imagine that thigs would be a fair bit easier, if he was recignized by both governments as the father of your child.