To meet or not to meet - tis the question


hey what’s up all. just touched down here a couple of days ago and, now that the new years shindig is all done, i’m trying to meet a few fellow newbies who might be exploring our new home. i don’t know who else is out there right now, but i suggest that, if you’re interested, that we meet up sometime this weekend - say sat. afternoon - and hang out or something, get to know each other.

if you’re interested, write me an email at or reply to this. if you’re not interested and you think this idea is a bunch of chou doufu, then let me know why so i can figure out how best to start making those interpersonal connections which are the key to life.

one luv all



You’ll like those people… :smiley:

Yes, would be a better option for finding newbies. But stay with Segue, too; It’s nice to find people who are going through the same adjustment process as yourself, but you should also have contact with those who have been through it and can point you in the right direction.

I did it hard the first year in Taiwan. In an entire year I only spoke to two other foreigners. Plenty of opportunities for learning Chinese, unfortunately sacrificed for the demon grog.