To Stay or Go


I’m paralyzed by indecision…
Now I’ve got a job at a buxiban in Nantou, that would start at the end of the month. Actually it seems like a decent school. The current 外籍老師 seems happy enough and it has good ratings on facebook. The pay isn’t amazing although it does come with free accommodation.

But I’ve been feeling lonely and depressed a lot recently. And having lived here for some time now I don’t love Taiwan so much as I once did. I keep thinking, Australia really is one of, if not the best countries in the world, and I’d probably be happier there.

It will probably be a worthwhile experience though. Especially in helping improve my confidence and such. What to do…


If you’re lonely and depressed, you’re probably spending too much time indoors. Before I moved to Taiwan, I was depressed. When I first moved here, I was still depressed. I eventually learned that what I needed to change was my lifestyle habits. When I moved, my habits came with me.

Do your best to get outside.

Some ideas…

  • Meet people on
  • Enroll in Chinese classes. Meet some interesting classmates
  • Go to the library
  • Find a church and attend

When I was first in Taiwan and depressed, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t return home until after 9pm. That really helped a lot.

I hope everything works out for you.


Is it actually Taiwan or is it you? Are you socializing? Exercising? Getting some sun and air?

See someone if you’re depressed. It can spiral out of control fast.


Get married?


If you’re feeling down you don’t want to end up stuck in Nantou. Oz sounds best.


Thanks for the suggestions.
I’m not doing much at the moment, partly because I am depressed. I guess my mood would improve if I start working though, given I don’t hate it.

I think my biggest fear is committing to it for a year. I’m also thinking about the opportunity cost though. Back home I can earn almost twice as much while living rent free (owning a car is expensive though) and I hear there’s lots of jobs in my degree area at the moment.
However I might not get this sort of opportunity again, and it would probably be better for my personal development


Nobody can make your mind up for you. Australia is an easier option, if you want to get back in the career path you can do that.


Yeah. I can’t make it up myself either. Past few days I’ve decided both ways several times, felt uncomfortable with the decision and went back to uncertainty.

I suppose if I wanted to take a break and refresh my Chinese or whatever I could come back and do it in the future.


Just go back to Australia, get a career job with prospects , more cash, get out more, meet new people, gf whatever…Dont think nantou is right for depressed people.


I was actually ok with the location, at least in my mind. It’s not too far from Taichung. Had this image of myself roaming around the countryside enjoying the nature by scooter and all that
Gf is the one thing I think I’m far more likely to find here though lol


Yes Nantou county is very nice. Garden of Taiwan. Up to you.


Cost of living in Australia is expensive as shit, especially in Sydney and Melbourne. That happiness index doesn’t come free.

If you can afford it, I’d settle there though. Tbf, it is just a buxiban offer in Nantou after all. Nothing life or career changing.


The OP says they can live rent free in Australia.

No brainer decision, IMO.


Yeah it ain’t cheap but I think in many ways it’s not as bad as people think. Yeah eating out is expensive but groceries are similar to Taiwan. Cars are cheaper to buy and own (downside being they’re pretty much a necessity). Rent costs more but you do get better value for your money.

Yeah thinking about my expenses I should be able to save 2-3 times more back home
Maybe I’ll come back to Taiwan when my parents kick me out :slight_smile:


Oh, it’s a “living with parents” situation. How old are you?




Oh okay. That’s fine then. If you were in your 30s I might be more ehhhhhhhh about it.


If you’re 25 you really owe it to yourself to go back home, get a high-paying job, and save as much as you possibly can in, say, 5 years. I mean really sock it away.

When you’re 30 you’re still young, you’re more mature, and most importantly you will have set yourself up in your retirement years. You’ll still be young enough to take some time off, here or elsewhere in Asia, and even start an entirely new career if you want.

Saving lots of money when you’re young is something you will be very glad you did when you’re 60 or so.