To the young Canadian

… who rear-ended me THREE TIMES yesterday in the space of 200 meters: Start using public transport, asshole, you’re a menace on the roads. And consider yourself fortunate I was running late or you’d have a LOT more to worry about than having your ignition keys tossed down a storm drain. :unamused:

Sounds like an interesting story…How about some more details. :smiling_imp:

Barney’s old man has got a point Sandy. What’s the point of foreplay if there’s to be no afterplay 8-). The confrontation sounds tantalising.

Not so interesting – just weird. A rear-ender’s nothing to get worked up about, of course, but this guy was just … just … I’m getting pissed again just thinking about it.

Talking on his phone on Ren-ai Rd., ran into the back of me at some lights. Normal reaction for me: a backward glare (I’ve been here too long). Next set of lights, he does it again (still talking on his phone). This warrants a “What the fuck, man?”

“Sorry dude, my mistake.”

NEXT of lights, bugger me if I don’t get smacked from behind AGAIN – hard enough to break some plastic this time. Glance in the mirror. HIM AGAIN!!! Still on his damn phone.

Then he had the cheek to give me a vacant grin and a shrug of the shoulders. So I got off the bike, grabbed his keys and tossed them over my shoulder, where they fell into a drain. “Yesss! Result!”

I really, really wanted him to have a go at me, but he didn’t. With hindsight, I should have been calmer and screwed him for the NT$1,500 it’ll cost me for a new back fender.

Of course, maybe he wasn’t Canadian at all. Although he had two maple leafs on his puffa jacket, more on his backpack and yet more on his petrol tank and side covers, he might have been an American traveling incognito.

How some of these people make it past childhood is beyond me. Maybe Darwin was wrong.

That’s more like it :wink:

No way is he Canadian - too many flags. He’s probably an American in denial, or perhaps a dual citizen who is over-compensating. :wink:

Beautifully handled, Sandman. This guy needed a lesson. The keys in the drain punishment seems to fit the crime. Perhaps the cell phone belongs there too.

Go, Sandman! That kind of reminds me of something I saw once. I was waiting at a traffic light when the guy waiting on the scoot next to me gets slammed from behind hard. His bike goes flying out from under him and into the intersection while he lands on his back. The guy is livid looks ready to explode. He gets up to kick the crap out of the offenders and turns to see two huge young white dudes (must of been basketball players). They have these stupid sheepish grins but look like they are about to bust out laughing. The guy stands there staring at them, boiling with rage but doesn’t say anything and gets on his bike and drives off with his fender hanging off.

No way is he Canadian - too many flags. He’s probably an American in denial, or perhaps a dual citizen who is over-compensating. :wink:[/quote]

No way! Americans have much better fashion sense, thank you! :smiley:

And BTW, This how you can tell a true Canadian:

A Canadian Bacon Hat. Impressive, no?

incognito? in taiwan? no way dude, we’d miss out on having the red carpet rolled out.