Toaster Oven recommendations

[quote]as they told me that" some people return the Kaiser because it blows a fuse in the main power supply and they did not want to have the same happen in their Costco" )


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On a sort of different topic, I´d like to buy a reliable 2K, sandwich warmer kind of oven. You know, one that will act quickly in defrosting bread or grilling cheese sandwiches. Easy to clean a priority. Not too big, I already have the big one, which is a waste to turn on for a slice of bread, plus it takes forever.

Any reccomendations will be welcome.

In the U.S. we call that a ‘toaster oven’. They’re very handy if you have extra counter space. I’d get one but don’t have room.

When you say toaster, I think of the one where you load the loaves vertically. :laughing: I do not have a lot of space but certainly can put that one of top of the big one, which is not economical/practical/quick to be used for a humble sandwich. Sincerely, saw the ones at Costco and they were dramatically awful. Dunno if anyone has one of those and can give some feedback. Seems to be some people here actually use some of those for actual baking/cooking, so I´d like to know if anyone reccomends a small one in terms of speed in heating and ease for cleaning.

I didn’t say toaster. I said ‘toaster oven’. :wink:

Ya, ya: tostadora y hornito. :smiley:

i know these don’t do horizontal cheese on toast type things but if you want something cheap these instead of a toasted sandwich maker, these work great

Those bags seem to work quite nicely. However, honestly, my problem with toasters -not toaster ovens- is that little multi-leeged critters may find them easy spots to access… Such is usually not the case with regular ovens -doors may help a bit, or at least, I haven´t found anything living inside yet.

Costco has two models, a Tatung (Datong) “20L” toaster oven for $1545, looks to be about 8 liters internal capacity with two shelf levels, and a Kaiser 2-in-1 toaster oven (left 2/3) and toaster (right 1/3) model TOV-311 for $1999, with one knob already broken on the demo model. I’m not confident in Kaiser’s quality, personally, as the knobs on their full ovens and the overall build quality felt shaky to me. Add to that the trouble others had with the Kaiser full ovens not reaching full temp, and the staff comments about their propensity to blow fuses, plus the broken knob there, and I’d give any Kaiser product like this toaster oven a miss. The Tatung seemed ok but I’d still recommend shopping around to see what else is out there.

Yep, the Kaiser model is exactly what can turn anyone off buying one. LOL.

Tatung seems a bit big for me. Plus I remember it looked difficult to clean.

Gotta keep looking.