Today's Google doodle about Taiwanese author Sanmao


I knew zero about her until I clicked the doodle and read her Wikipedia page. She lived quite an interesting life, and now I want to check out her writing. Has anyone here read anything by her?


We have written several articles about her in Spanish. There are tours to her home in Las Canarias, and an Olive tree planted in her honor there.

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Wow, I never knew about this lady either. It sounds like she had a really interesting life, although it was touched many times by tragedy. Will have to look into her writing.

I have, though I don’t remember much of it. I recall a short piece talking about how men hiding behind beards are shy, and I was thinking “that’s an gross over generalization”

She was really famous over 20 years ago, when people here actually READ books.
I miss those times. People have become really dumbed down.

I read half of her book in China but then got bored of reading a book in Chinese.

I read a couple of her books years ago. I don’t remember them being particularly interesting or well-written. I remember thinking, “What’s all the hype about?”

Some of them reads like travel blogs before the Internet existed.

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Yeah, her popularity seemed to be based solely on the fact that she was providing firsthand accounts of the outside world. I guess that’s something.

First one to do so in Chinese. First one to get paid for it. Pre internet era. In Spain she was well known as exotic herself.

Fong Fei-Fei, aka the bane of CNY evenings after the women have put the dishes away.