My laoban has decided to set up a TOEIC class starting in a couple of weeks. I have been given a text book called 30 Days to the TOEIC Test and been told to come up with a schedule. Easy enough me thinks, 1 unit one class. However my Taiwanese translator said something last night, which whilst a little cheeky, was kinda of true - ‘You’ll have to take this a bit more seriously than your usual conversation classes’. So I have had a search on the web for teaching TOEIC but found only stuff related to taking TOEIC, not teaching it. Does anybody know of any good places to go for info on teaching TOEIC or any books on the subject. Anybody with pearls of wisdom they would like to pass on? This is my first real chance to step outside of teaching ‘conversation’ and I would like to put in a good show so any advice will be truly welcome.

Thanks in advance.