Toenail Fungus

I do not think this is directly the case, but I will post again if I learn otherwise. Products like the one I mentioned in the other topic address a number health and hygiene challenges MMA fighters apparently have to deal with - including sanitizing their equipment (gloves) and dealing with a range of other maladies that are expected in public locker rooms.

I am not familiar with the sport, so I am mostly speculating.

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Have been looking for a natural treatment of toenail fungus for a while now. My garlic, vinegar, baking soda, iodine approach has not giving me any satisfactory results so far…

Have yet to try tea tree essential oil. Where is that sold by the way?

Anyone here who has treated toenail fungus successfully?

Do I have to grind off the top layer of the nail when applying anything or is a nail permeable?

How does your new product address toenail fungus, @GooseEgg? What are the fungus fighting natural ingredients in there? :microbe: :mushroom:

Body Shop has tea tree oil

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Haven’t been in a Body Shop for like 20 years…

Me neither. Last time I went there to buy a white musk gift pack for my GF in Chengdu.

Different times.

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Take this once a day for six months.


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A terbinafine a day and you’ll be fine

A Terbinafine a day keeps the foot stench away.

Don’t want to go that route, if I can avoid it.

Good luck. Terbinafine also makes caffeine work better too. Win win…

If life gives you toenail fungus, make cheese.

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But it might damage your liver… win, win, lose

If you already have liver issues, true.
I should add not to drink much when taking it either.

If you don’t have liver problems.

If it’s just a superficial infection of a small area you can treat it with home remedies.
If the infection goes deeper you’ll need to grind off the nail before applying anything. Loceryl can help but is usually too weak. If the fungus got really comfortable, you’ll need to grind off the infected part and tackle it with a mix of fungicide applied locally and some pills like the one mentioned above.

Grind down the nail with single-use files, keep your feet as dry as possible. Wash socks/shoes separately and as hot as possible.

Source: My dad’s a Podologist.


Learning something new every day. :sun_with_face:

Just for clarification: He’s a German Podologe, not an American Podologist.

FunghiClear is sprayed on the feet. No grinding away surfaces to expose the problem - the Manuka Oil will reach the problem and stop the fungus from growing.

I understand that all onychomycosis treatments stop fungal growth, and then it’s a matter of waiting for the nail to grow out, which is why it takes 3 months to complete the whole process. It is recommended to apply the treatment daily (or 3x a week), and simply spraying it is not asking a lot. Most of what you will find in the market today are “lacquers” that are painted on like nail polish - so applying them daily becomes a chore over 3 months.

This post in New Zealand was helpful to my understanding

FunghiClear has 3 other essential oils mixed in with the Manuka Oil: Basil, Mint, Lavander. These are mostly for making the whole experience pleasant - and to encourage you to regularly spray the insides of your shoes as well (Step 2 in the link below), since that is likely the environment where your toenail acquired the fungal infection

You can read more about this on the global brand site

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Sounds like a European budget hotel chain.

“How was the podologe?”
“Not bad, but the breakfast was mostly mushrooms.”