Tofu in Taiwan

I would love to go to Taiwan in order to eat best tofu; I have heard about smelling tofu and would love to try it. But are there other tofu specialities?
Where is the best place to eat tofu? Do you think I can see and follow the preparation of tofu?
Is there an online tofu shop delivering to Europe?

Thank you!

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Thank you for your replies. It seems that I made a kind of mistake in the way I approached the matter.
But I am really looking for this food obtained from soy. Is it Taiwan the best place for it? Or shall i go to some town in continental China?
Do you know an online shop for it?

The town of Shenkeng in New Taipei is well known for tofu … aipei.html

There’s a dessert called douhua (literally soy flower), which is the silkiest version of tofu. Since you are interested in soy products, if you’ve never had it you should certainly try it out.