Everyday before school i eat a box of tofu… I can’t hack the food my anchingban serves because it is all doused in oil… even the veggies. I don’t eat a lot of meat so i eat tofu to get my protein and calcium asi don’t drink a lot of milk either. I have a pretty balanced diet and exercise regulary.

however, today one of the chinese teachers told me it’s unhealthy to eat tofu everyday because i could get “stones in my body” from the zinc.
i know a lot of westerners eat tofu on a regular basis back at home because it’s a nice alternative to meat and can be added to all sorts of dishes.

Is this true? It’s the first time i’ve ever heard that eating tofu everyday could do one bodily harm.

anyone care to confirm/dispel this myth?

The only problem I’ve heard about with soy is the increased risk of breast cancer. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other problems, though.