Toilet Paper

I was worried a while back because restaurants in ChungLi could be found with toilet paper rolls at each table. The first post and reference are below.

Some people don’t use any toilet paper. They get the shower head conveniently located in most Asian toilets and give their undercarriage a good blast then maybe have a shower for good measure.

[quote=“Ironman”]I often find toilet rolls conveniently located everywhere but the toilet. You have to take a box of tissues with you if you want to visit the small room with no windows.

Really puts me off eating in a restaurant and worse in a private home to have the roll hanging there next to the dining table and people happily rolling some off.

A European friend tells me its not a problem and they are used in a similar way there. Is this true?

I just can’t get around to using the roll for both ends of the gastrointestinal tract.[/quote]

[url]Health dangers of toilet paper as napkins in restaurants

Heathens the lot of youse. Water and only water to cleanse my arse please. Sad it wasn’t even an option in this fetid bog.


I like to soap my paper, then wash it off