Tokyo tiny box apartments … ead_module

Its dehumanizing. Human version of essentially a doggie kennel.

Or they could just go live in the outskirts where the rents and prices are reasonable.

Someone I used to email with bought her own place in Tokyo. From what she said, it was the second-to-last train stop, cost her about US$160,000, and was a standalone two-story house with enough of a yard to have a nice flower garden.

The Japanese population is shrinking, and there is empty real estate all over the Home Islands.

BTW, when I was looking for an apartment here in Taipei, the landlords kept insisting that their 2-ping one-room hole was really a 10-ping beautiful apartment that was worth NT$15,000 per month. The dog kennel isn’t all that much smaller and doesn’t cost much more.

Yeah Asians really feel distance, probably more so then westerners.

Westerners tend to branch out more and create suburbs that then turn to towns. Most people work fairly far from where they live. In Taiwan , for example, everyone wants to live in the city or very close to it. If you live an hours drive away, its a lot cheaper. But of course then you need to commute by bus or drive and parking is a bitch and expensive.

Asians like to live in the city or very close by.

Well in general I would agree with Tommy, although some Europeans cities and countries, and a few in the US, are densely populated.

China made a big mess of its reconstruction by building massive highways everywhere and encouraging commuting by car too much.

Japan’s real estate price has been dropping for over 20 years, this is the future for most if not all of Taiwan as the population drops off and demand decreases.