Tom tramps through Europe

A champagne fuelled moment has led to TomHill booking a flight for tomorrow into Europe. I fly, naturellement, into and out of Amsterdam, but in between there are 16 glorious days to be spent.

Have you flobbers any suggestions for places to go/ avoid, during my little soujourn?


How about Egypt? A man should see the pyramids.
But you should be fine, as long as you don’t go to Italy.

You wise crackers crack me up with your wise cracking.

[quote=“sandman”]How about Egypt? A man should see the pyramids.
But you should be fine, as long as you don’t go to Italy.[/quote]

Forget it, Egypt’s too far away.
Stick with Cairo.

Actually, Italy would be OK I suppose. You could go to a beach and build your own pyramids out of sand. Plus, that way you wouldn’t have to interact with any actual Egyptians.

Fuck yeah, there’s this coffee shop place in Luxor that a boy could have fun in, wink wink. I would definitely try and include ‘Egypt’ in my tour.

Don’t listen to them!
Fuck Egypt, go to Cairo and see the pyramids.

God, the chief, have you even BEEN to Cairo recently? It’s so overrated and commercial. Luxor is the real Italy!

Beer needed? The delirium café in Brussels …

I hear London is nice, lots of culture.

Harrow, I was going to say. They have trees and stuff, apparently. Probably could even get a dish of spag bol if you’re lucky, so it would be practically the same as being in Italy, really.

I went to Europe so long ago that it’s probably all changed by now. One thing I thought the last time I went was that I would not go in August again.

Do you want to be a good tourist?

What have you done before in Europe?

Does Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Hungary) appeal to you more than Western Europe (Brussels, Paris)?

As often is the case, the joke is something that I take seriously.

If you’ve been to Europe before, and you haven’t been to Africa, I’d highly recommend a look at Egypt or Morocco. It’s just SO much more exciting than Europe.

If you see yourself (TomHill) as a man in need of some action, seriously consider Africa.

I mean . . . seriously; consider Cairo.

All this advice! The days on the calendar are filling up so fast!
Dr McCoy I believe you were still on Asian time, so technically August is now September.

Zender I want to see Italy, but Denmark, and Sweden are mighty appealing.

For now I have 2 nights booked in Amsterdam. Smoke and a pancake anyone?

Europe is really old.

Try something newer…maybe Finland.

Some place where sauna is a part of life.

And drinking.

[quote=“sandman”]Harrow, I was going to say.[/quote]Is that the place overlooking the Italian pyramids?

Let it be Sweden than … all the blonds! … and the lakes … sunshine, although it could rain …

Who knows? It’s a few years since I was there. But there’s a place in London called Pimlico. Imagine going to Italy rather than a place called Pimlico! It’s just doesn’t bear thinking about.


Try to get to Krakow if you can; fascinating little city. A visit to Auschwitz is a must while you’re there. It is not pleasant but it is worth it.

Moscow is a strange but amazing place too., wonderful people,culture and history.