Tomato Sauce

Hey guys:

Anyone of y'all knows where to get some tomato sauce for pasta?

Wut I really need is " tomato sauce", not pasta sauce or ketchup. I have
searched some markets in Taipei, but I havnt seen any similar. Please
provide the info if you know where to get it. THX SO MUCH!!

just went to costco today…they have classico and preggo. we’ve also seen some good stuff at wellcome. if you’re close to costco…go there…you can stock up on a lot of other things.


Tomato sauce (not pasta sauce) can be found in the Western food shop at 125 MingLe in the Dihua area. The cans are similar to what you would find in Canada or the States. (2 1/2) size can) Costco also sells the restaurant size cans of sauce (Number 10). I don’t know why you couldn’t get the big can and freeze some. It’s already mush so freezing shouldn’t increase the water content too much and the big can is a fraction of the cost per ounce.

i’ve seen real tomato sauce in hypermarkets around here, so i imagine it will be there in taipei too.

You could also try they will deliver to your door too.

I got mine at Carrefour. They had a decent selection of pasta-making products there.

Are you talking about the nasty pre-made jars of pasta sauce? Prego, Classico and such? You can get that in most supermarkets (although why anyone would bother is beyond me – its uniformly foul).

Or do you mean tomato puree that you add to your onions, tomatoes, etc., when you make real pasta sauce? In Europe its sold mostly in tubes like toothpaste but here it comes in a small can. Wellcome usually has it.

Do you mean like “Hunts” tomato sauce/paste/whole tomatoes in a can?

I see that stuff pretty much everywhere.

I think the OP means something like pasta sauce in consistency and in an equally large container but without the spices, meat, onions and/or mushrooms often added to pasta sauces. The small can and toothpaste tube stuff, as thick as toothpaste, is called ‘tomato paste’, not ‘tomato sauce’, AFAIK.

I don’t have an answer, sorry, but what I do in my recipes is sometimes use a can or jar of the pasta sauce (if plain tomato sauce isn’t available) to add volume, along with several cans of italian tomatoes, olive oil, onions, garlic, olives, mushrooms and :wink: ground beef, then let it cook a while. In other words, substituting pasta sauce for tomato sauce works well.

This is what I am talking about … v=products

They make Tomato sauce with nothing added. They also make canned tomato. Nothing added.

I use it all the time. Just made some sauce yesterday. Used tomato sauce and paste to thicken it up. Canned or jarred pasta sauce is usually too thin. It doesn’t stick to the pasta very well. That is where the tomato paste comes in.

Is this what you meant OP?

You can get in at Wellcome, Carrefour and most other supermarkets.

it’s everywhere… you just have to wander the aisles. They even have it at the random little taiwanese grocery store near my house. I’ve seen it in every Wellcome I’ve ever been in. Just walk up and down the aisles, I most commonly see hunts. :slight_smile:

Hey Matts;
Lots of folks wading in on this. What are you looking for?
Canned whole tomatoes - self explanatory
Diced tomatoes - same but chopped. Lots of juice
Stewed tomatoes - same as above but spices added (and sometimes some vegetable bits)
Tomato Sauce - Simply diced tomatoes cooked down over a low heat until it is nothing but a thick unspiced and unadultered sauce. - What I think Matts means
Tomato Puree - Sauce that is boiled down to the toothpaste consistency
Tomato Aspic - Puree with gelatin added to make it a consistency similar to canned cranberry sauce. (awesome with shrimp mixed, molded and refrigerated)
Pasta sauce - what you all see in the markets here with all the unsold and crappy vegetables and “surprise” meats added.