Tomb Sweeping Day

I was looking forward to traveling on the long weekend, April 3-5, in the mistaken belief that Tomb Sweeping Day was on Monday, April 5. I’ve just checked the calendar, and for some reason it is marked as being on April 4. In other words, Tomb Sweeping Day falls on a bloody Sunday!!! Does anyone know why it was changed?

TSD has always been 4/4 hasn’t it.

Allt he official holiday’s are here:


[quote=“Bu Lai En”]TSD has always been 4/4 hasn’t it.[/quote]Not according to the website you gave.
2003: nothing
2002: Fri 5th
2001: Thu 5th

As for why it was changed, probably so that people can’t have a day off.

As far as I know, tomb sweeping day is one of the very few holidays that does not go accirduing to the lunar calendar. It is always on April 4th. Means two times No. 4, which is a perfect No, for this holiday. (4 pronounced in Chinese also means death)

Might be possible that they had an extra day off in the past few years. The government did a few changes regarding the national holiday-calendar (actually, sometimes there was a lot of confusion about it…)

I found out. 4/5 usually. 4/4 on leap years.