Tongue Scraper in Taichung?

Do Watson’s or Cosmen stock tongue scrapers? I’ve looed at my local Watson’s and seen none.

Know where I might get one?

You have been watching QE haven’t you, you and the other guys discussing Crest Whitening Strips in another thread.

If you can’t find one, you can use a spoon. But tongue scraping was just on the local news last week so I’m sure they’re around. Use sign language at local pharmacies. Oh yeah the news was about this woman who became obsessed with scraping her tongue. She did it up to 16 times a day. Finally the tongue had little bumps and stuff growing on it, and became inflamed and engorged.

They had to amputate.

Ok, just kidding, they didn’t. But if she continued to scrape, they would have to tie her hands behind her back forever.

Hobart, forgive my ignorance, but what’s ‘QE’?

The reason behind my sudden urge to purge my mouth is that, well, I caught a wiff of it the other day, and it aint exactly a breath of fresh ass, I mean a breast of fresh air, um, I mean, a breath of fresh air.

No harm in good oral hygiene. I certainly recoil when overwhelmed by others’ none-too-pleasant fumes.

Figure I don’t want to subject my loved ones to said olfactory assaults, if I can help it…

There’s an $89 tongue-scrubbing toothbrush made by Aquafresh that’s on sale in almost every store that sells toothbrushes in Taiwan.

[quote=“Dirt Merchant”]Hobart, forgive my ignorance, but what’s ‘QE’?[/quote] Some TV show on the Travel Channel in Taiwan called Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. It is a show from the US.

I never heard of a tongue scraper until a few weeks ago when those queers introduced it on their show for a man with severe and chronic Halotosis.

Anyway as Twocs said, just use a toothbrush or a spoon as the other poster mentioned.

FYI the Aquafresh toothbrush is not just a toothbrush. It has a bit of rippled rubber on the back of the head, and that rubber is what cleans your tongue. The box says that it removes 5x more bacteria from your mouth than brushing. You can feel the rubber at the store because they put an orange circle of it on every box.

What the hell is a toungue scraper? The name is obviously self-explanitory, but I must say, if this was a face-to-face conversation, you’d have just one the prize for wierdest thing ever asked of me. Does this have anything to do with marketing adventures in dirt?

Maybe it was a joke request. He did ask on April Fool’s Day.

Nono, it’s a real thing, saw them the first time 15 years ago.

Also, back then a dentist said that the best way of cleaning your tongue would be with a toothbrush, the rest are just parketing gimmicks.

Once daily should to.


I got one at a big POYA store, much less than nt $100.(I think 40)
It makes a huge difference. You will be surprised at the muck that comes off. Initially you will want to vomit when you go too far back(which you should clean because that is the worst place). After a while, you wont want to gag anymore, much like sword swallowers.
I also bought one for my lady friend. She agrees.
A toothbrush is not stiff enought(and never will be).
Clean teeth and mucky tongue - yucky

“if you switch on the light quickly enough, you can see the dark”

Bigmoose, you’re right about the gagging!

I bought the Aquafresh mentioned above - it does an ok-ish job.

Still haven’t summoned the courage to walk into my Watsons and begin a tongue-scraping mime act yet…

I did not find any at Watsons.
POYA Living Mart stores are usually much larger, cheaper and have a much greater range than Watsons- much like a supermarket. (Watsons generally locate in expensive/prime areas, Poya not. Wherever you are, I am sure you will find one, as they produce a monthly brochure.
Good luck.
One think about the scraper, one side is serrated, the other flat.
Sure does work.

Are there any Poya stores in Taichung?



Taiping Rd, No 22-4 台中市太平路22-4號, Tel: 04-22211023

Alternatively, how about this branch?

No 420, Fuxing Rd 台中市福星路420號 Tel: 04-27082007

You can also go here:

Wenxin rd, Sec 4, No 597, 台中市文心路4段597號, 04-22470011

Maps are avaliable on their Chinese language web site:

Cheers! I’ll cart myself there on the weekend…

Well, POYA had two choices: a NT79 double-sided brush, and a NT19 scraper. I bought both.


Now, to stop smoking… :unamused: