Tony Roma's

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My student and I went to Tony Roma’s the other day. I loved the service so much.
We ordered The Ribs and Fried Shrimp combo. I don’t like ribs or fried shimp, so I can’t comment on that, but my student loved them. We had the beans for a side dish. They were pretty good. We also had the bayou chicken salad. I was not impressed. But I think that is just a matter of taste also. I don’t much like American food. So I will leave the food alone for this. But I have to rant about the service…

First of all, they were not pushy about which language was spoken. When I spoke in Chinese, they replied in Chinese. When I spoke in English they replied in English. I love that. What they actually wound up doing that I have never had servers do but that I thought was REALLY cool was speaking to me in Chinese and my student in English.
As the waitress was walking away, I changed two things in my order. Well, I mentioned no bacon on the Potato skins and changed the cole slaw to french fries. Even in the US this is a guarantee that your order will be wrong. Nope. Everything was right. They checked on us constantly and the place was full to the point that there was a wait at the door. Everything came quickly. Drinks were refilled. At one point they refilled my students water without ice. he said nothing about it (I use no ice, he uses ice) and the waitress came back a moment later with a glass of ice water and an appology… Without him even making mention.

The personalities of the wait staff were also quite friendly.
Overall, I was quite pleased.

Wow. Sounds great!

I’ve been meaning to try that place.

Now I will:)

Thanks for the writeup

Any Tony Roma’s fans should get over there ASAP as they are closing in about a month. I am on their member email list and I recently got this message:

[quote]On behalf of the management and staff of Tony Roma’s, we would like
to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your support all these years.
As our lease expiring soon, this restaurant will cease operations in June.

For those of you who are still holding on to Tony Roma’s Gift Certificates,
I would like to urge you to use them at our restaurant by 31 May 2007 [/quote]

I have eaten there a few times recently and always enjoyed it. The night manager, Jimmy, is a really nice guy too. So heads up for anyone who likes this place as time is limited.