Too hot, too sunny, too humid ... the weather sucks 2011

I don’t miss arriving at work drenched in sweat.

About seven to eight more weeks and then good by hellish taiwan weather and hello baltic sea breeze, awesome summer and clean air.

Two more weeks and I’ll be freezing my ass off in a tent in Alaska.

How tall are you? Could I pass as you if i knocked you out and took your place?

HUMID HUMID HUMID, though I have lost about 1 kilo in sweat during a 30 minute work out.

Perfect weather today. Jeans and a T-shkrt. Didn’t even need a jacket. :slight_smile:

Denim in this weather? No Sir, no can do. On the verge of saying goodbye to my denim for 6 months. Shorts or lightweight trekking pants (for that smart casual look :slight_smile: ) from here on.

Until I leave for the (blissfully) temperate zone.

How… Sleep… Heat… :fume: air… wheeze

A/C. Next electricity bill may be higher, but it’s worth it!

To the foreigner on the MRT today who was wearing full suit -jacket, tie- AND a long coat -think Dick Tracy-: where did you say you’re from?! Where are you going? Curiosity is killing me…

I wear a tie at work. My classroom must be five degrees (Celcius) hotter than outside my classroom. It’s like a little concrete sauna in here.

Anyway, it’s just over two months until I’ll be experiencing an Australian winter, i.e. perfect weather. Although we are most likely going camping in Tasmania for part of that trip, so that will actually be quite cold.


Yup … riding my bike to work has started to officially suck. Arriving drenched in sweat is no fun. On the plus side everyone at my office is happy I am here. Being the only foreigner, they turn the A/C on for me, and everyone benefits! lol

GiT: Family in Brisbane are complaining about the cold~~~~ take a jacket!

tsu: I’ve hiked in Tasmania in winter. I know what that’s like. Melbourne isn’t nearly as bad as here in winter, despite having lower temperatures. The humidity here is what makes it so bad (both in summer and winter). It seems like April was glorious here in Taidong. Before that it sucked. Now it’s really starting to suck again. Not looking forward to sweating sitting still.

Happy happy joy joy! Kids and I jumped into the stream after school, had a nice cool dip, and then went home to ice-cold drinks on the deck. My favorite time of year.

We had torrential rains today. Not a good idea to go swimming in a stream.

Should have clarified, that was yesterday. But you know, today in our area we didn’t have torrential rain, at least not before 4pm. I walked the dog and worked in the garden in the afternoon. I was surprised when I picked up the kids and everyone was talking about the downpour and thunder.

I’m with you. Cool swims, ice cold beer. Cool evening breezes. Awesome hot and sunny weather. Screw the winter, I hope it never returns. Loving the heat and humidity. :thumbsup:

I LOVE July and August in Taiwan . JUST LOVE IT> Swimming in the ocean, polo shirt all day, BEER to chill.