Too many Craisins?

Could a half cup of dried cranberries give me an upset stomach? I’ve been having these weird stomach cramps and the craisins are the only new thing I’ve eaten in the last couple of days.

Nothing like a bunch of dried fruit to “get you going” or even “get you running.” Why do you think prune juice is so popular among constipated people?
If you haven’t had any dried fruit for a while, I guess a half-cup could do the trick, although it seems a pretty small amount to cause problems.
Anyway, Craisins are so good, they’re almost worth a dose of the trots.

i actually work for the people who import the bulk craisins…um no they shouldn’t upset your stomach…tho’ cranberries are by nature acidic so you shouldn’t do too many i guess if your stomach is a bit acidic to begin with…maybe wash them down with a nice papaya milk…

try some TUMS, or anything with calcium chloride, like a piece of chalk.

Maybe you’re preggers? :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe you are hungry?

Maybe you’re preggers? :p[/quote]

:raspberry: If I am, will you make me a special “Breeder” chop all my own?

Feeling better today thank you. TMI, but it actually had the opposite effect of what I expected. Sandman, you’re right, they’re so yummy they would be worth the trouble. Going to use them along with chocolate chips in some homemade granola bars!!!