Too much boom-boom bad for health?

My bed partner and I have been making full use of the bed (and chair and desk) recently, much to our enjoyment.

But, bless her soul, she worries that too much activity in the sack could be bad for her health. When she put this question to me I tried hard not to laugh, but failed.

I explained that provided there was no physical damage, we could rut till the cows came home.

I also told her that we were compensating for the later years, when once or twice a month (as opposed to once or twice a night) would more than likely be the norm.

She’s gonna ask her gyny for the ‘answer’. What would you say to your boom-boom buddy?

EDIT: She also reckons hiding the sausage ages a woman, using married women her age as an example. I told her they were aging faster than her in part due to bickering with and harrying their husbands.

I’d say to hell with the boom boom. Let’s fuck.

All things in moderation.

If it gets to the stage where you’re doing pokey-pokey to the exclusion of all else, that will not be healthy at all.

Maybe you and your inamorata could take some lessons from Ai no Corrida.

Well, first glad to hear you are over the psycho episode. Second, I think you may need a little jazz boom boom to help the poor lass out, or else she’ll be buried in a Y shaped coffin. (Coffin joke supplied by messrs Curtis and Elton.)