Too much modding

So recently i posted a post mentioning I had a wank. This seemingly innocuous activity attracted the ire of the mods and ended up removed.
It leaves me wondering what virgins are supposed to do when discussing sex. often, sex becomes part of the discussion however, virgins, having no experience in the matter, have little to contribute to the discusssion except in this regard.
This seems like a serious case of virgin shaming to me. Something I wish wouldn’t happen in the 21st century

Too many “too much modding” style threads lately. Enough bitching about mods already. I don’t agree with everything they decide, but roll with it and move on instead of making a new thread to whine about it. Or send them a PM. What’s this supposed to accomplish?

Also, do you really think only virgins masturbate? But anyway, what’s the point in going on about it? It’s like describing your dump… best keep the details to the privacy of your own bathroom.

Finally, no one here cares you’re a virgin. This isn’t a college frat house. A lot of us have given you dating advice in the past and are rooting for you to get lucky. I seriously doubt someone is trying to “shame” you.


Just in general, you don’t have to contribute to topics you don’t know much about.

I don’t know who modded you or why they did so, but I don’t think it has to do with virgin-shaming.

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Was it the “Cars and Motorcycles” forum? Because Im mod for the"technology"forum and there hasn’t been anyone getting worked up of water cooled computers for a while.


I bet you were just modded for TMI.

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Why is wanking too much information when talking about sexual exploits not

I don’t think anyone was going into detail about their sexual exploits in that thread.

Nor did i go into detail

It was a little more graphic than that. And it was in an unrelated thread.

I was just talkng about my experience of use of the condoms in taiwan like everyone else

Alright NPC mocker @Uncreativeusername, yes your time of registration was noted, I noted who you upvoted, and yes you are being more yourself today than a year ago.

I hate to do it, shame is you cant be more circumvent.

No one else included that kind of specific and extraneous detail about the usage. Anyone who said “I was using it to (colloquial description of specific sex act) and…” would have gotten the same treatment regardless of the specific act. TMI

But plenty of people talked about how it fits and stuff. All I said is I used one at it was small innit? what was too much info?

now i’m confused

There you go, just beat around the bush a bit.

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That reminds me of a joke
so a kid was having a shower with his dad. his dad says “don’t look up!” but the kid looks up. “what is that” the kid asks. A snake, the father says. Later, the kid is having a shower with his mum. “Don’t look up!” the mother says. But the kid looks up. “What is that?” the kid asks. “A bush” the mother says. Later, the kid is having a shower with both his parents. They say “don’t look up!” but the kid looks up anyway. "ahhh a snake in a bush! a snake in a bush! the kid screams as he runs away

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While we’re on this subject anyone know why I was suspended on Friday? “Repeated personal attacks after warnings” was the pop up but I received no warning and had no posts removed. First time in 20 years I’ve been suspended…:roll_eyes:

I vote that everybody be suspended for a few weeks.

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Also when you are suspended is there any way to communicate with admin? If we had a rogue mod he or she could wreak havoc just randomly suspending people and you’d have no comeback.

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That’s a weird one. I realise bear attacks can be random and frightening, but I didn’t notice you doing any such thing.

@Uncreativeusername: personally I thought your comment was mildly amusing and not entirely out of context. OTOH if the mods make a judgement that it doesn’t belong there, well, I don’t see any need to get upset. Presumably it was a throwaway remark, and it got thrown away.


Perhaps they’ve suspended the wrong mammal? There at many of these in the flob, feels like a zoo, you know?