Too taboo

Too taboo

Go to a shop and buy them. Or if they are newer than that, go to the cinema.
get the installer for Emule plus 1.1b

join (you must register and post a few a posts before getting accesss to movie releases!) :rainbow:

search for bit torrents la,

[quote=“anything”]Hi there, can somebody give a good, reliable website or service to DL new movies?

I know a couple of good services for getting new movies:

Blockbuster and Warner Village.

Dirty thieving little shits. Hope your computers get infected.

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I bet I know which one’s more likely to happen.

[quote=“webdoctors”]search for bit torrents la,

bittorrent sites are being sued by the MPAA, so most of the sites have been shut down until they go to court. The bittorrent sites will try to argue that they are doing something like sharing VCR tapes if they can afford lawyers. Check out this new story about a bittorrent site that is fighting back.

Have a read here, you’ll get all the info you need:

and welcome to the filesharing community…

And anyone who had copied audio tapes (or still do) of albums, and are critical of filesharing, you are a hypocrite.

I dont intend for my request to offend anybody, but in a “Buyer Be Aware” world, I try to be as aware as I can be. If the movie is deserving of my money from rental or big screen then so be it, I take that into consideration, but to hand over my money based on what the advertisement says the movie is or because there is some big star in the movie is not the way I spend my money. I feel the same about PC games and APPLICATIONS. That reminds me, I think my Windows 2000 license needs to be registered…

If you do need a registration key maybe this isn’t the best place to ask for that. you wouldn’t want the owner to get in trouble right? Say it in a PM. Or search with google.

What’s the point? You have to wait XX hours to download it, burn it onto a CD-ROM, and then you find the quality is crap anyway, and you watch it on a little screen with tinny sound. And it’s illegal. If you really want to save a bit of money, wait for a month or two and you can see the film for less than half price in an erlun cinema like the Dynsasty Theatre (Chaodai Da Xiyuan).

Anyone know of a site like Napster but for movies? I am willing to pay for the movies to download. The problem is that in Taiwan only certain movies ever make it here, i.e., only the ones commercially viable to the Taiwan market.

I have downloaded a lot off the internet, but the quality is so so as Juba says. I need to watch it on my projector to see how it looks there on a big screen. Anyway, the downlaods are not always reliable and they don’t always have everything. Willing to pay some money for the right movies, but not the full priced DVD from Amazon plus shipping to Taiwan and import tax. I was thinking something like US$4.95 per download. Ummm…this most likely doesn’t exist.

The quality of the file will depend on the source. If the film was ripped by a recording camera in a theatre, of course the quality will not be perfect…Although these days the quality of theatre rips are VERY GOOD! You just need to “be in the know” with these things. :smiling_imp:

On the other hand, YOU CAN get DVD quality files. Whether you want to pay these files or not is your choice. :notworthy:

Lots and lots of places sell DVDs. You can even get a few at 7-11s. Its really easy to stick them in your jacket without the sales clerk noticing. Doesn’t cost you a penny!
Or you can do what I do and just borrow them from your friends and “forget” to return them. Also free.
If you live near a school, you can also wait outside for the kids to come out. They often bring games and such to school, so you just smack them in the back of the head really hard and quickly go through their bags while they’re unconscious. Voila! Again, totally free.

I can’t track it down, but I did read somewhere that an internet cafe owner in Taiwan was busted for downloading movies recently.

Remember guys, downloading stuff like this leaves a permanent trail. It’s not THAT hard to be tracked down and made an example of, especially if the country you do it in is trying to clean up it’s international image a bit with regard to pirating.
First search would be for IPs that have downloaded huge files… :sunglasses:

geez, it’s only 70-100NT down at Blockbuster for a new release on crystal clear DVD. :s

I took a little time to learn Emule and it is getting better. I am able to differentiate between the fakes and the real files. I’ve downloaded two movies, both of DVD quality. I select multiple files of the same title and wait for info to pop on the files, such as comments from other users. search under yahoo for Emule and it will take you to the site…it took me about 10 minutes to set up.

I’ll be editing the post above and any other posts that border to closely on talk of Internet Movie Thievery, Piracy or whatever you may like to call it. Then I’m moving this thread to the tech forum where you can continue to discuss (I’ll join in too with my 2 cents).

I’m going to Mandarin class now, but I wanted to warn everybody of my intentions before anyone else posts.

There’s which is legal and has 24 hour rentals for between $1.99 and $5.99 depending on the title. The 24 hour window starts from when you first hit play, not when you download the movie. The big catch is that it is US Only at the moment. If you access it from a Taiwan IP they tell you to piss off. I’ve used it over a VPN connection which made it look like I was in the US, but that’s not an option for most. The other catches are that you need to use Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, you have to download special software, and you can only watch the movies on your computer. One nice thing is that you can start watching the movie before it has finished downloading after it has downloaded enough of it to watch. The legal online music sites were pretty similiar chained down until iTunes Music Store came out with a more palatable set of restrictions.