Top 10 Funniest Movies of All Time

Apologies if this has already been done (I did do a few keyword searches, but I may have missed it.)

I have no doubt that those with more intelligence, sophistication, or maturity than your humble poster may well find cause to put forumosa

Caddyshack(the original) and “10” for considered addition.
Hmm…and ARTHUR.

I have a very soft spot for the Pink Panther films. Over the top yes, but Peter Sellars really does make me laugh.

Anything by Monty Python with a personal bias toward “The Search The Holy Grail”


How’s about Zoolander? Funniest film off the top of my head.

The Jerk :laughing:

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Office Space, Eurotrip, South Park:Bigger, Longer and Uncut:The Movie, Mel Brook’s History of the World Part 1, CaddyShack and most Kevin Smith films.

I dont know about funniest movie overall, but one of the funniest scenes in recent memory is from Bruce Almity, when Jim Carey makes the TV anchor guy mutter incomprehensibly…my son and I laughed to tears on that one.:slight_smile:

The Birdcage with Robin Williams would be in the top ten funniest overall though.

PP films crack me up too. I was gonna add The Party to this thread as that, hands down, is the all time funniest movie ever made.

I enjoyed “Spaceballs”. It was an interesting change to Star Wars. I especially loved it when they “combed the desert”. :laughing: Still makes me laugh…


1 Holy Grail
2 Blazing Saddles
3 Bananas
4 Duck Soup
5 Love and Death
6 Young Frankenstein
7 Airplane!
8 Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid
9 Dumb and Dumber
10 Peewee’s Big Adventure

Good lists!

The first time I saw Strictly Ballroom I laughed so hard that the people I was with were embarassed. Saw it again a few years ago and it wasn’t as funny, but still good.

Then again, that was around the time I cried in The Fly II so maybe it was all part of puberty.

Blasted double posts!

Some great feedback!

Many of the films mentioned came very close to making my lists too. Caddyshack, Planes Trains, Birdcage, Airplane!, and The Jerk all made me laugh a lot. I tend to get the various Pink Panther movies jumbled together in my head, but the collection of funny scenes I can remember about the group of them is great.

The Holy Grail tends to make a lot of the Top 10s, and I already knew my opinion was in the minority in thinking Life of Brian was funnier. Both quite good though, so it was a close call for me.

It’s also very encouraging to see the nominations for movies I haven’t seen yet. I haven’t seen Zoolander (I have been slacking off in my movie viewing for several years now) or The Party or several of the ones on Richard’s list. This is, of course, good news for me. :slight_smile:

Richard actually got 3 of the American Film Institute’s Top 10 in his Top 10 (and 4 of their Top 15). Duck Soup was their #5, and I haven’t seen it. :blush: Haven’t seen Blazing Saddles either, although I know a number of people who are huge fans.

For me, I think a lot of it probably comes down to just finding certain people funny. For example, I thought “What About Bob” was pretty mediocre in most ways, but Bill Murray and Richard Dreyfus together put that one high on my list just with their personalities. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels for similar reasons. Michael Keaton is another guy who can be in a pretty average movie and make it hillarious as far as I’m concerned. :laughing:

The Cheap Detective
The Jerk
Amazon Women on the Moon
Any of the Naked Gun movies

Midnight Run.

Withnail and I, hands down

Tough Guys Don’t Dance
Ben Hur
Taxi Driver
Taming of the Shrew (1939 version with douglas pickford and mary fairbanks)
Blue Velvet
Birth of Bob
Taipei Idiots - The Movie
This Made My Spine Snap
Appollo 13