Top 25 jobs

A global company has come up with a list of 25 top jobs on four criteria: job growth, salary potential, education level, and room for innovation.

1-25, but out of order, sorry.

  1. Personal finance adviser
  2. Actor or actress
  3. Medical scientist
  4. Lawyer
  5. Computer software engineer
  6. Advertising manager
  7. Chiropractor
  8. Management analyst
  9. Environmental engineer
  10. Postsecondary education admin
  11. Biochemist and biophysicist
  12. Financial manager
  13. Sales manager
  14. Actuary
  15. Epidemiologist
  16. Airline pilot
  17. Computer system analyst
  18. Geoscientist
    10 Athlete
  19. Market research analyst
  20. Agent and business manager
  21. Securities sales agent
  22. Marketing manager
  23. Medical services manager
  24. Producer and director
  25. [ADDED LATER as per request:] Teaching English in Taiwan

1-25, but out of order, sorry.[/quote]

No, it’s not out of order, it’s in 25i format (25 lines, interlaced). Might be hard to read for people with progressive brains, unless they have a good deinterlacer.

A mistake was made I’m afraid. Teaching in Taiwan is not on the list.

Surely Lawyer belongs in the top 25 “how to make a quick buck while lieing through your teeth” list of jobs?

:sunglasses: wow… i have the 7th from top job in the world?.. can’t be accurate, my job’s not ‘that’ great… besides everyone knows those guys from “Myth Busters” have the best job in the world anyway…

Now we’re talking. :slight_smile:

Why doesn’t being a 'HO make the list?