Top Chinese general warns US over attack

By Alexandra Harney in Beijing and Demetri Sevastopulo and Edward Alden in Washington

China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the US if it is attacked by Washington during a confrontation over Taiwan, a Chinese general said on Thursday.

[quote=“Lizi1118”]By Alexandra Harney in Beijing and Demetri Sevastopulo and Edward Alden in Washington

China is prepared to use nuclear weapons against the US if it is attacked by Washington during a confrontation over Taiwan, a Chinese general said on Thursday.

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This was an interesting article. If Gen. Zhu has personal views, he should keep them to himself, especially at an “official forum.” Why officials think they can separate out what they are saying into personal and official views is beyond me.

I found this more interesting:

This is pretty reassuring for us Taiwan residents. Apparently, even a Chinese hawk doesn’t think China can take on the US in a conventional war.

This is the second time a general has mentioned use of nukes if the US gets involved militarily in a Taiwan conflict. Remember the comment a few years back about nuking LA? Does anyone know if that was the same general, perhaps a loose cannon?

As for unofficial comments, I think it’s a way for China to "un"officially warn the US, and try to scare it away from getting involved when China attacks. I believe it’s intentional, and quietly sanctioned.

BTW, here’s the CNN version

The NYT article says it was a different general. I agree with your reading of the meaning of ‘unofficial.’ Of course China could warn the US in private. Publicly threatening the use of nuclear weapons is completely unacceptable though. It shows again how far out there China is.

I completely agree with this general. If the US got involved, the PRC would almost certainly have to use nukes in order to have any chance of taking Taiwan. Trouble is, they’re still highly likely to get fried by the US if they do indeed use those nukes. PLA generals have made comments like this in the past. They are nothing but hot air at this point. In the early or mid 90s, a general said that the US would have to trade California for Taiwan if the US protected the island. What he failed to mention was that China would end up trading everything just for frying California. As long as we can take significantly more from them than they can from us, then those silo hatches will remain shut.

Given the Chinese skill at test firing rockets are such, they’d just be nuking their own 20 miles from the launch pad. :raspberry:

Since this story has surfaced, I would be interested in know if Gen. Zhu has been posted to a new assignment.

Yep, different general. Last one was surnamed Xiong.|lang_en

Gee, two different generals hinting at the same thing. How many times during the cold war did Soviet generals threaten to nuke the US? Zero, by my count (correct me if you can).

And what will China get in return? Appeasement of the growing Chinese tiger? Not a chance. It will get further support in Congress for the missile defense shield program.

I believe “highly likely to get fried” is a severe understatement. “Certain to get triple glazed” is more like it.

There must be four 688 Los Angeles Class attack sub captains still laughing their asses off over this part of the article… :smiling_imp:

“During last crisis across the Taiwan Straits, the U.S. tried to blackmail us with their aircraft carrier(s), but when their spy satellites confirmed that our four nuclear submarines which used to be stationed at Lushun Harbor had disappeared, those politicians addicted to the Taiwan card could not imagine how worried their military commanders were,” notes the Chinese army report.


Quote from General Zhu:[quote]We Chinese will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all of the cities east of Xian[/quote]

Uh-huh. West of Xi-An there is NOTHING of any consequence anyway. 2/3 of the population (or more) live further east than that. Of course, I am not inferring in any way that the PLA or indeed the CCP could give 2 hoots about how many of their own people die, but I do believe watching their economic powerhouse cities be obliterated would be just too much, considering the supreme levels of materialism among the “proletariat” leaders.

And as fanatical as many Chinese leaders are, the admission of the fact that the eastern-seaboard would cease to exist, is to me a clear indicator that there is zilch chance of it happening.

Now North Korea, on the other hand…

Regardless, I really doubt it would happen. I know the Chinese will go to the ends of the earth to protect their questionable claims on Taiwan, but I am sure that 99.9 percent of the people who would be calling the shots know that one missile fired at the US, even if it did not spark a nuclear free-for-all, would mean the end of China as they know it. One missile fired, especially without a US response, would basically put China in the shithouse of the whole world (except for a few rogue states) for a loooong time…not just a few months or years. Certainly decades. Forget reconciliation with Japan. Forget closer ties with S. Korea. Forget oil ties with Africa. Even former friendly powers would distance themselves from China for fear of becoming outcasts themselves. Investment would plummet and the CPP would probably topple once the people realized that the “China miracle” was over with.

I say 99.9 percent…it’s the .01 percent left I worry about.

Things like this you only say when you’ve stir fried brains in your skull. :laughing:

But it’s good news for the rest of Asia, like Vietnam, Malaysia etc … all business will move that way … ain’t it :slight_smile:

China would have no chance if it came to nukes. And it won’t.

Japan Defence Paper Urges Vigilance on China’s Navy
TOKYO - China’s military modernization program, including apparent efforts to build a deep-water navy, needs to be monitored closely to see whether it exceeds the needs of self-defense, a Japanese government report said on Tuesday.
The annual defense white paper, which comes at a time when Sino-Japanese ties have been frayed by a series of disputes, follows a U.S. Defense Department report in July that said China’s fast-growing military could pose a threat to the region.

Lizi, I’d be interested to see some of your comments added, rather than just posting a quote or link. What do you think of the issue or the story?

CCP has nothing to say to legalize its rule in China, so it promotes nationalism hardly, this is a threat to the world.

CCP has become a Nazi like evil party.