Top Excuses Given by Homeward-Bound

Top Reasons Given by Homeward-Bound

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  • Would-be shields were woefully misinformed about chances of
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  • Dangerous? Nobody said anything about dangerous!
  • Dreadful curry served at complimentary human shield buffets.

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I found this article in yesterday’s China Post a bit amusing. Regardless of how you feel about the march to war, it seems at that “safety” and “human shield” are two words that shouldn’t appear in the same sentence.

Blix Orders Iraq to Destroy Human Shields

(2003-02-24) – Chief U.N. weapons inspector Hans Blix has ordered the Republic of Iraq to destroy dozens of so-called ‘human shields’ recently discovered by his inspections team.

In a letter to the U.N. Security Council, Mr. Blix said the human shields are “a hindrance, however slight, to compelling Iraq to disarm. They protect Saddam.”

The shields may also contain chemical and biological agents which could prove harmful to Iraqi citizens.

“We’ve found some of the human shields contain controlled substances,” the letter states, “and others spew a kind of bilious vitriol that can cause adverse reactions among those nearby.”

A terse response from the government of Iraq said: “We have a right to defend our sovereignty. The human shields pose no threat to our neighbors in the region.”