Top Gun: Maverick

Pretty sure some of the regulars on this forum will appreciate the trailer


great original movie.
likely won’t see the sequel.
however, I would love to have seen Maverick become like a cargo plane pilot or cropduster pilot. Now, that would be an interesting plot.

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Who knows, Cruise seems to be in good shape, maybe they’ll make a third one.

Apparently this time tough guy Maverick worries about the feelings of the Chinese people - and has removed the Taiwanese and Japanese flags from his jacket… :thinking:



He don’t want to bite the had the feeds him.

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True :smile:


Funny how a propaganda piece for the US Air Force bows to the CCP.


US Navy
Maverick is a fighter pilot and officer in the US Navy.

yep. navy carrier pilots at the uber-top of the flight pyramid.
a huge difference in landing on a fixed airstrip, versus landing on a ship bobbing up and down sometimes in big waves and in the dark

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Why would you say it’s propaganda?

You know, I could understand why they would push to have the old ROC flag removed. But Japan? That is so petty.

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Mea maxima culpa :grin:

In the first movie the navy gave them very cheap access to everything the producers needed in exchange for a few rewrites in the script. They changed the way Goose (Maverick’s buddy) died, for example. Instead of a mid air collision, which was quite common at the time, they changed it to an ejector seat incident. The original script wasn’t quite as positive for the navy as the actual end result shown on screen. Influencing an audience, furthering an agenda = propaganda. The navy even had recruiting booths in a few cinemas.


If the scriptwriters have maintained their standard then I think it should be a winner.

I hope Iceman comes back. He was kind of the opposite to Maverick if you think about it for a while. Goose was a bit goofy, but he can’t come back. What was the name of the guy who was a real wizard at the controls?

Viper or Jester, the instructors?

Spoiler: Iceman is back. Goose’s son (also shown in first movie) gets trained by Maverick, so he will be back as well, in a sense.

Wasn’t there a Merlin as well? I’m sure there was a lesbian called Charlie and a closet gay called Cruiser.

You have perfect memory, my good sir. Merlin (Tim Robbins) was an RIO though, sitting in the back of Maverick’s F-14 in the final dogfight.

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Wonder is they will sing songs in the club again.

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The trailer has a short cut of the pilots singing. It’ll most likely happen.

I’m a bit torn about seeing this as Top Gun is one of my all time favorite growing up, but some sequels that were over x0 years in the making seem to disappoint.

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I hope Chappy Sinclair shoots him out of the sky in the final scene.

Aside from the political blip this looks much better than I was expecting. Will watch in theaters.

So is maverick still going to get it on with his hot instructor? image

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