Top Gun: Maverick

im a gonna watch it

I’m guessing her character will be long dead in the film. Can’t believe McGillis wanted a role in it.

I’m guessing Iceman dies in the movie too (who else is that funeral for, plus Kilmer can’t really speak or act well anymore IIRC but he says he’s in the movie).

The more I think about the China thing too the funnier it is because it’s only having the reverse of the intended effect. People are more likely to support the US military because of stuff like that.

I have to say that time has not been kind to her :thinking:

Time has been normal to her.

Time has been freakishly kind to Cruise thanks to personal trainers, dieticians, possible Botox, and the warm embrace of Xenu.

HGH probably

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At the very least. You could probably get high off his blood.

I think “trainee” participation is still required to a degree?

Yeah. But It’s a LOT easier to get in shape with a personal trainer. That’s why people pay them.

I would pay them to stay the hell away from me :wink:
Actually , on that note , I did pay one once at a Gym in Atlanta. Kept piling weights on my lifting …overdid it …kept saying …it’s got to be painful …ended up with a hernia :thinking: Guess there are good and bad Trainers

PTSD. Life has not been kind to her.

Wasnt she already old in the first movie?

I think maybe 30?

She never did anything for me. Sure must have performed well on the casting couch.

A bit harsh.

I think that was the hot look at the time.

She has certainly not aged as well as cruise

I think she kind of let herself go and it’s not so much entirely on aging. Doesn’t look like she took care of herself or her looks.

Cruise is in top shape. I’m guessing he has a healthy and clean diet as well. Probably TRT and imo he is for sure on HGH. Probably Botox and makeup in public as well to look pretty good into his 50s.

Cruise has a lot more money than mcgillis and for sure that has helped keep him looking good
She was born in 57 so she’s 62 today and around 32 ish then in top gun 1. And she was pretty nice looking then.

There was controversy when she was selected but they wanted someone a bit older than the pilots would be and she fit the role.

A lot of men dig women slightly to a lot older than them

In our apt complex there is a guy my age who’s wife is as much older than him as my wife is younger than me… the gap between these two ladies is huge

But they met when he was in his twenties and she was probably pretty hot and sexy then

Besides men with a lot older wives tend to have them wait on them hand and foot whereas I’m a frickin slave to my wife

Being happy apart is better than being miserable together. Jussayin.

lucky im happier being a slave to her than being a boss to myself and having only me to talk to .

trust me, you DON’T want to have only ME to talk to :slight_smile:

I was getting to be like that EONS OLD turtle in Never Ending story…in a land all by himself, where when he speaks of himself he says “we”, and finally when he was asked why he said “we” instead of “me” as clearly there was only ONE of him…he replied he had been so long by himself that now there was two of him…Uh. I was gettin like that …

I was like that Genie that has been in that bottle that has been IN that bottle for OH TOO LONG…and when finally let out…OH YEAH BABY WHAT DO YOU WANT??? GIMME A WISH OR TWO OR THREE…but anyhoos, back to Maverick. I think I will watch the first one again. Got it on dvd.