Top reasons for Taiwan to unify with China

Top reasons for Taiwan to unify with China.

Killing endangered species on a massive scale: … nd-sp.html,1840551,00.html … tiger.html

Illegal organ trade from executed prisoners is booming business: … alism.html … 745119.ece

Child slavery and prostitution for all perverts:

Skinning cats and dogs alive for fur trade: … 476664.stm

Countless human rights violations:

The murder of Tibetan and Nepalese refugees and civilians: … 813596.ece … 834347.ece
Want video proof of this? Here it is! … ed&search=

Industrial espionage: … 57,00.html … _1_n.shtml … 66&k=42729

*Thanks to my Canadian friend for this list

you can also add articles about

-pollution/ natural disasters made by china
-low foods/materials quality killing peoples worldwide
-no respect of every international laws/rules
-women slavery
-mass brainwashing
-no freedom of speach
-no democratic vote
-lies about diseases in china (HIV/SARS/bird flu…)

I stop there, I think it’ll be enough :wink:

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Geez why not just post up articles about yellow peril or how every Chinese person is really a spy?
And you forgot those articles about how every Chinese women will only be truly happy with a foriegner.

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I hate to be a nit-picker, but these seem more like reasons for Taiwan not to unify with China.

LOL. No wonder the list seemed so short.

Dude you have to put the racism aside, many people here ARE a lot of expats married to Taiwanese women here. Your disapproval of that isn’t going to redeem yourself.

Show me your list on why Taiwan should unify with China.

Show me your list on why Taiwan should unify with China.[/quote]
I’d suggest you do a search on all posts made by CCTang over the past two years. Read them carefully. I’m not afraid of talking about the subject, but I tire of repeating myself in detail to you when none of it will register. I think others on this site are very aware of the reasons.

But I guess I can help you out by at least summarizing:

  • Taiwan’s current economic prosperity will dissipate quickly if it’s economy is separated from that of mainland China,
  • Taiwan’s future economic potential is tremendous, if it’s able to integrate itself as a key element of mainland China’s value chain. It can become the primary home for the Chinese high-tech R&D + services industry.
  • China will become the primary super-power in Asia within the next 25 years, and a global super-power within the next 50 years. Taiwan should not be striving to become the next Cuba.
  • The vast majority of 1.3 billion Chinese consider Taiwan as Chinese territory, and rejecting this claim can be hazardous to Taiwan’s physical health.
  • Yankee Wang Jianming could be cheered on by 1.3 billion Chinese rather than just 23 million Taiwanese. Think of the jersey sales!
  • As a reservoir of Chinese traditions and a hot-bed for Chinese philosophers more acquainted with Western traditions, Taiwan can play a key role in revitalizing Chinese influence and culture to the benefit of all.
  • Future generations of overseas Chinese will be able to better preserve their cultural and linguistic traditions.
  • Taiwan has nothing material to lose from reunification, as it can insist on preserving its existing economic, social, and political framework.


I’m just stating your list is inadequate. I fear staring at the size of my list will just make you feel even more inadequate. But thanks for inquiring.

My top ten reasons for uniting with China:

  1. Then there’s no need to pass that military budget that still hasn’t been passed yet for seven years running.
  2. Trillions of Taiwanese dollars can be invested in China.
  3. Chinese people can come to Taiwan to take all those tough-to-fill vacant jobs at Come-Buy Drink Shop for $25/hr.
  4. Hong Kong companies can legally own 100% of TV stations.
  5. The Taiwanese Olympic team can be referred to as “Chinese”.
  6. Taiwan’s 38 years of martial law can be put behind us, and we may embrace the universal values of freedom, democracy and human rights.
  7. Taiwan’s high-tech R&D sector can continue moving to China to take advantage of the lower wages.
  8. Taiwan and China can have independent economic systems while the PRC’s active opposition of travel by antagonistic political party members can remain in place.
  9. Instead of hearing from the PRC that things like democracy and human rights can wait until you’re a developed country, it will make it just that much easier for China to become the world’s most superlative and preeminent superpower, and Communist mouthpieces will then, and from then on, eternally remind us that only good was done in the past.
  10. Cheap goods from China can be shipped to Taiwan.

Nice, twocs. You’ve inspired me to add one more:

  • A country that represents 1/4 of the world’s population can learn directly from Taiwan’s example in political democracy.


Shrimpy, quit wasting your time with ac and cc, the tweedledum and tweedledee of pro-China authoritarianism. The CCP will take care of them, like authoritarians always take good care of their servants.


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hahha, another China-bashing post… :slight_smile: Any fresh idea"?

[quote=“Vorkosigan”]Shrimpy, quit wasting your time with ac and cc, the tweedledum and tweedledee of pro-China authoritarianism. The CCP will take care of them, like authoritarians always take good care of their servants.


yeah, you don’t need to feed these 2 trolls :wink:

a question to cc, ac, et al., apart from the purely Nationalistic reasons (licking of old wounds etc.) why exactly does China need to own Taiwan?

it’s like winning at Monopoly and holding all the expensive properties but insisting on owning Old Kent Road too…

what is Old Kent Road?

There are other factors, but the nationalistic factor dominates all others. When you eliminate it, you’re really ignoring the primary consideration. So, I don’t know if you’re looking for a catalogue of all considerations without paying attention to importance… or if you’re asking what really motivates people. Tell me, and I’m happy to accommodate.

Ignore nationalism at your own risk. After all, apart from nationalism (and closely related religious fervor)… why exactly do the Iraqis insurgents need the Americans out of Iraq?