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topic finished.

You want a computer putting together, and some hardware installed? Easypeasy, I’ll do it for that price.

The last person who said ‘Easy’ to me, eventually cost me $16,000nt worth of trash that I put in the bin… When people are very confident, I get very afraid…

BFM is well qualified for this sort of thing.

I’d trust BFM to do it right, too.


Working on the assumption that these two pc’s were both working units before being dismantled for shipping etc, then putting them back together really is a simple operation, and in theory will require no reinstalls as that is already there, and after determining the original system drive it would reboot. If it is all new, which i doubt judging by the motherboard, it is a good few years old, or has no system drive, then you need to advise as to what OS you are expecting to install, so that people can check to see if the MB manufacturer even supports that OS for the MB and associated drivers.

[quote=“glenclif1969”]The last person who said ‘Easy’ to me, eventually cost me $16,000nt worth of trash that I put in the bin… When people are very confident, I get very afraid…[/quote]At least I didn’t say I can do with my eyes closed, obviously I can’t. I assume you have all the pieces? So I won’t need to sell you anything.

I’m not a IT graduate, but all my computers have been home-made, and I have set jumpers on sound cards to set DMA channels and IRQs, that’s how old I am :grandpa:

Sound very good… Big Fluffy Matthew, can I ask you to please email me…
Thanks to all for the good recommendations…

– The system is old, but VERY pro… This soft/hardware config is used widely in Germany and (strangely) China by radio stations. The new version (modern card PCI slots) costs a lot of money, so I use the older (secondhand ver) from a eBAY seller in Germany… In fact, I have two of the same system, secondhand from Germany and they have been VERY reliable… Trouble is, the older version is an ISA card slot!!! - Which also means that I need to use older motherboard… But no probs, this is pro broadcast stuff… - and the sound and redbook standard CD burning is fantastic.

The big change here is just the casing… (ATX) and I’m also going from 240vold power supply to TW standard… Hope it works…

Doesnt’ sound like a big problem if you’ve got all the gear.
At least it’s ATX, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a suitable PSU, unless the ones you have are either already auto switching or have a 110/220V switch at the back.
The only problem might be that some more recent ATX power supplies don’t have the -5V line, which can cause problems with older systems not powering on.
FYI, there’s a shop near the computer market that sells a lot of second hand stuff, so if some of the bits you have would’ve been damaged in the shipping, you might be able to find what you need there, including a suitable PSU if something more recent proves not to be working with the bits you have.

You are right… I got two nice new ATX cases at Computex… (I was very lucky, being there the last day of the show and got to buy some display stuff)… They also gave me the power supplies… But these are for Pent4 or above… Although this might sound hilarious to the modern pc-powerheads, I am using one of the better Pent3s for this pro production system (remember the year 2002!) - It must be this way (Pent3), because of the ISA slot and OS requirement… I have one power supply bought in Australia, it has switch at back, as you mentioned. But matching this to the newer ATX on/off switching systems can be a possible problem…

Thought about trying something like this?

You’re saying your old PSU is AT style not ATX?
The Asus CUBX is an ATX motherboard, so there’s no way that it would’ve worked with an AT PSU.
I think the limiting factor here is your audio cards, no the OS per say. Do you know what drivers are available for the card? Only Windows 3.11 or are there Windows 95/98 drivers as well?
As I said, there’s a second hand shop in the computer market that might have some better motherboards, but if it’s all working, why bother?

That’s very unlikely to work well - the time taken to access a port on the other side of the USB bus will be much longer than accessing it over ISA and that will confuse a lot of software.

I’d try and find some place that sell second hand machines. You should be able to get an old machine with ISA slots quite cheaply. Make sure you see it working before you buy though.