Does anyone here know how to say

I would call it a “Thingy” :unamused:

Locator pin ?

Maybe “idiot-proof?”

no…dummy proof and expert friendly…
that’s the line in the dummy’s series


It can be used as an adjective like “fool-proof”.

Locating Feature/Pin?

how do you plug something in the wrong direction? what kind of context?

Polarization Shell/Insert??

Polarization insert sounds good to me…


Foolproof (device) - see Applications of Foolproof principle in the service industry and my daily life

Suggestion for this kind of situation: Type or paste the Chinese word you are trying to find into the Google search form, type a space and then type in an English word that you think might be relevant, e.g. search for

Thanks all! Much appreciated the help.

It does seem to be like “idiot proof” as “fang” is “prevent” and “dai” is often “idiot”.