Topless Bar

I once went into a bar in the combat zone that was called TOPLESS BAR, I kid you not. And the gig was like this: the bar counter was a horse shoe shape, and the bartenders, young women natch, were see thru kinds of shirts and tops, and for a price, patrons were invited to feel them up under the clothes. This was about 10 years ago, on one of my first jaunts to formosa isla. is that place still there. drinks were normal but drinkers had to tip the women via the topless deal, altho they werent really topless…

sort of.

no bras tho.

Omni, did you ever find that place.?

I’ll be in Teipei tomorrow and I’ll check it out…

Where’s ‘Teipei’?

Teipei is in Teiwen :wink: DOH! Oops.