Tori Amos


The new Tori Amos CD has been on the market for 2 days now!! How long do you figure it’ll take until she reaches Taiwan? Any chance of grabbing one of the limited edition CD package? Any other Tori fans out there?


I didn’t know you were a Toriphile too! i doubt we can get the limited edition here. I couldn’t find the CD at all last night but then I didn’t really expect too. Maybe we could ask at Tower Records?

Wow, another fan! Great :smiley:

Yes, I took a short (and not very hopeful) look last night as well (and ended up buying the new Jacky Cheung CD instead :? ). Maybe I can get my brother to grab me one of the limited packages if they sell them in Germany (but I’m afraid he would keep it himself).

Or I could ask my friend in Shanghai to look for the CD (not the limited edition, however) in the 10-RMB places :? They often have stuff there that you wouldn’t think of getting in China.

But then, I want the real thing, not pirated stuff, especially with Tori!!

We’ll just have to wait a little longer, I guess :frowning:


Excellant timing! I was just told that Tori is going on my magazine’s cover next month.

Also, Sony Taiwan said that the Cd is coming out in mid-November. I’m trying to get my colleague to call them to see if the limited edition is available here. Stay tuned!

Hi, Brother of Iris here

Just bought it half a hour ago,

what i heared till now, i liked it.

If she’s behaving well, i might get her a copy too

So long


I knew it :wink:

Do you get the limited package in Germany or did you get the “plain” cd?

And when will you come and drop it off? Could you bring the “Fury in the Slaughterhouse” DVD as well, please?

Just sign for me that it’s mine so you can’t order it back like that DVD last time that was supposed to be a present :wink:


I always behave well :wink:

If you do too and bring me the cd and dvd, I might consider donating some Karma to you, little brother :wink:


What is this Karmathing good for?

I just have the plain edition but i can look for the special edition if you want. Shall i look for the new Patricia Kaas too? :wink:

So long


Chessman: Any news about Tori landing here?

Arne: There can’t possibly be a new Patricia Kaas CD. You just sent me the last one in May! Anyway, I’ll probably find it here (found the last one right after you sent it to me). Any news concerning the Fury DS video?

The Karma is one way of ranking (check the “Feedback and Announcements” forum if you want to find out), but maybe it would be considered “inappropriate” if I donated some to you?


I was just told that Sony Taiwan said Nov. 14. Let’s hope so!!

I feel like I’m intruding on a family meeting.

Sorry, of course not. Are you a Toriphile, too?

Anyway, Chessman is not related (and Arne usually doesn’t write that much).


Chessman71: Have you found the cd yet? Didn’t have time to go looking for it last night. But I’ll use my lunchbreak to take a look at the closest Blockbuster. And I can search the CD shops around Kungkuan tonight.

I’ll post it if I find it!


oh yeah! I’ll go look this weekend. I got half of it as mp3’s. It sounds good so far. Let me know if you find it!

Got it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

In the second shop I walked in. And in the third, they had the limited package. So I guess I have to take the first one back :smiley:

Call me if you want me to keep the regular one for you or if you want me to go back and grab the limited package (they had a second one).