Toroko marathon HELP

ok so i’m a tard… and forgot i was regestered for the toroko marathon this weekend (well i actually didn;t realize it was coming so quick… as opposed to forgot… so i suppose " I lost track of time" would be more acturate.). Anyway my crisis is… I haven’t booked a hotel … and now it’s too late (i’ve called a ton of places… :frowning: ) bc it’s the week of (as i just realized this week… ) and there are heaps of people going to this thing… . So i was hoping some kind hearted soul would take pitty on me and help me out… with any suggestions or a place to crash on a floor on this friday night… i’m only going for the marathon… or so the plan goes… but not sure how thats gonna work out now… bleh… ANy way … any helpful suggestions would be welcome and greatly appreciated… bc i’m kinda stuck (by my own lack of thought but still stuck). :help: Cheers.

please contact me via email or pm me… thanks

You could try searching Forumosa for information about hotels and hostels, but your search will fail if you don’t spell Taroko right. Try searching for Taroko hostel or Hualien hostel (variant spelling: Hualian). Try adding an s to make it hostels or try hotel(s) or accommodation instead.

Farmtastic Youth Hostel (with 3 rooms, priced from US$29.5 to US$88, individual rate for Hostelling International members, can buy membership at hostel)
No. 19-58, Kangle Village, Xincheng, Hualian County
Tel: 03-8263672 Fax: 03-8263659 Mobile: 0939 052229

Formosa Backpackers Hostel (priced from US$3 per person)
Add: No. 206, Jianguo Road, Hualian City 970
Tel: 03-8352515

Chen Vei Yavg (with 3 rooms, priced from US$47 to US$176.5)
Tel: 03-8525268 Mobile: 0953 362386
(I have no idea how to pronounce it, either.)

Dreamland Box (with 4 rooms, priced from US$35 to US$82)
Tel: 03-8578011 Mobile:0915 175252


(The above hostels are not at Taroko. I guess if you stay in Hualian City you can get to Taroko in time for the marathon???)

Tienhisang (Tianxiang) Youth Activity Center (or here or here)
30 Tianxiang Rd., Xiulin Xiang, Hualian County
Tel: 03-8691111/2/3/4 Fax: 03-8691171

立霧客棧 Lyi-u Hotel/Hostel (Liwu Kezhan) (Special rate for Hostelling International cardholders)
No. 242-2, Fushi Rd., Fushi Village, Xiulin Xiang, Hualian County 972
Tel: 03-861 0769 Fax: 03-861 0493

(These two are at Taroko)

If you are rich you can stay at the Grand Formosa Taroko.

Hualian official tourist web site (English pages not properly maintained)

Not sure where “Toroko” is, but it’s certainly not in Taiwan… No wonder you can’t find any hotels.