Tortilla Chips

I have found Tortilla chips in downtown Taipei. Funnily enough, they have a website,

This is actually owned by the venerable Florida Bakery. No need to ride out to Costco for me anymore :slight_smile:

Great news, but how much for a bag of tortilla chips?

For the same size and weight, is the price comparable to what you pay for a bag of Tostitos in Taipei (NT$120-140, right? Cheaper at Costco?)?

I can’t wait for Dinghao to start carrying tortilla chips; heck, they already have the salsa.

Thanks again for the heads-up. I’ll stop by the RenAi Florida one of these nights on the way home from work.

It’s a bit expensive. NTD50 for a 150g bag of chips. But it beats trekking all the way out to Neihu.

I like my tortilla chips with as little artificial flavoring as possible. Unfortunately, these are still salted, but they are not doused in chemicals the way Doritos are. I estimate they are about as salty as Tostitos

Any clever ideas on how to easily remove the salt?


Any clever ideas on how to easily remove the salt?[/quote]

licking works well.

Going to attempt mixing up some typhoon salsa to tide me over for the rest of the weekend, but missing a key ingredient: dipping implements.

Saw the “master list” offering two spots for flour tortilla purchases (ca 2005), but I’m looking for tortilla chips of the salsa-dipping variety. Best I’ve come across so far are Doritos, which suck in general & I don’t really want to try them unless I have to.

Would be happy to try frying up some of my own, but I’ve never tried that & would still need to find tortillas first (anybody know where to buy flour and/or corn tortillas?)

Jalapeños or Serrano peppers would be good too… gonna try this batch w/local “green” and “red” peppers. We’ll see how well that works…

(Roughly near Daan Park, Shi-Da area if possible.)


[quote=“sjhuz01”]anybody know where to buy flour and/or corn tortillas?

Florida Bakery
企 業 總 部: 台北市中山北路三段23-5號4樓
Headquarter::Zhong Shan North Road Section 3, #23-5, 4F, Taipei, Taiwan 104-53
中山店TEL:+886(2)2594-6923, FAX:+886(2)2594-4656

Ren Ai Sect 4 #26 (just east of Dun Hua, next to a kindergarten (i think) – has good breads and decent butter cookies)
仁愛店TEL:+886(2)2702-1175, FAX:+886(2)2702-5410

Chips & Salsa
編號Code: 63001
規格Spec: 玉米片+莎莎醬
價格 :NT$ 120

Or you could go to Costco, they have Tostito’s, but if that’s too far, CitySuper and Jasons have various brands and they should also have Jalapeños, but only the tinned kind.

Thanks for the responses!
…no idea where Costco, CitySuper or Jason’s are …
addresses? links perhaps?



Cute. Thanks!
Found them.

If at City Super, check the expiry date. The last bag of chips I bought were stale. I’ve forgotten the brand name, but they were made from organic corn and i recall that the bag had a picture of a lady on the back with an anecdote about a woman who made great tortillas.

I got links to most supermarkets websites on my site which you can find by clicking the link below. I guess a lot of this stuff doesn’t sell that fast here unless it’s doritos, as they seem fairly popular here, mostly cause they’re cheap I guess.

Yeah, you have to check the expiry date at a lot of markets here, including Wellman’s in Tianmu. :s

Anyway, stale chips can be toasted lightly in the oven to freshen them up.

It’s not hard to make your own tortilla chips using frozen corn tortillas from, say, Wellman’s.

You can even make your own tortillas if you can find masa harina, but (having done that tonight) I have to admit that if you didn’t learn from mom or someone, it takes some trial and error to get it right. I spent a few hours flubbing it and chucking the bad ones until I got it right.

EDIT: masa harina, coarser masa for corn chips, corn chips, corn meal, and fresh corn tortillas, white or yellow, are all available at Florida Bakery – but call in advance to order the tortillas. See this post for details.