Toshiba e355 Repair help

Hello all,
I just bought a Toshiba e355 PDA running Windows CE. It’s in English, and I had it sent over from the states. Then I dropped it. It worked fine, but now it won’t recharge. Anyone know of a place I can take it here to be repaired? Thanks in advance.

Try this shop in Guang Hua Computer Market.

Call if you speak Chinese 2358-3694

Or visit them here BaDe Rd. Sect. 1, #92

I bought my Toshiba R100 notebook from them a few months ago and they are repairing a problem with the battery not holding a charge.

Toshiba does not have a branch office here, but they do have a representative office with repair capabilities, albeit not the greatest as this is the second time.

Because they are not official Toshiba and because you didn’t buy from them, then you will have to pay a repair fee. Won’t be much and they should give you a quote after they check it out, but before they begin work.

By the way, shop has direct contacts with the Toshiba rep, but they are not the actual ones to fix it. They call the Toshiba distributor to come and pick up your PDA from their shop.

You can also locate Toshiba Taiwan Call here 02)2888-2828
and ask them where to get it repaired.