Toshiba Hard Drive

Anybody know where the best place is to purchase a new hard drive for a Toshiba Satellite laptop? (It’s 4 years old). I live in Hsinchu.


I don’t know this area, but obvisouly in Zhongxiao xinshen you will find what you need. (Digital plazza and co)
But what are the exact ref of your laptop.

Also, if space is not a big problem for you, I’ll suggest you to go for a SSD (Very fast and much more reliable now. But it’s expensive if you want big size.)
I changed my HDD for a Vertex 2 and I can really feel the difference !!

Ah yes, SSDs. Are they reliable now? Two years ago or so I tested them for my employer’s servers, used them like a server (or PC) HDD and installed Linux on them with ext3 file system. That keeps a journal about changes to the file system which leads to a lot of writes and rewrites at the same location. Two HDDs broke down pretty fast and the third one was nasty slow. Ever since I avoided SSDs, however with 2 years having passed that may have changed.

Indeed it has really changed !
Far more reliable than before.
Now they got several features to split the I/O to the whole disk, if some cells are not working they got some dedicated unused cells to replace them, etc…
The TRIM is important in fact.

Also, now, either Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS support the SSD quite well (In an efficient manner)
And the life cycle is much longer then before (also thanks to better controller)

IMO, especially for a laptop, you are really going to see the difference of speed/reactivity.
But don’t use it for backup, only for the system as you may need to change it in 3 or 4Y.

In my case I took a Vertex2 60GB coupled with an external hard drive for my storage.
I really enjoy to turn my Ubuntu on within less than 10s.

But SSD mignt not be compatible with our laptop (If for example it uses IDE disk, etc…)

Thank you all for the responses; I’m out to find what I can here in town.