Total Amateur Not following the rules!

01: No European Posterior Man-Satchels.

02: Eyewear shall be cycling specific. (300twd from Decathlon)

03: V Meters or small computers only. (mounted on crossbar and not Garmin)

04: Phone holder with built in front light electronic bell and charger. Allowed guessing not?

05: No Food On Training Rides Under Four Hours. (homemade flapjack in pink plastic bag tied to bars)

06: Tires are to be mounted with the label centre over the valve stem.

07: Pollution mask (allowed or not)

08: No visors on the road. (visor helmet from Decathlon lowest price)

09: No frame-mounted pumps. Remove unnecessary gear.

10: Make your bike photogenic. (Position incorrect side)

11: Shorts should be black.

12: Cycling shoes and bicycles are made for riding.

Sorry folks I shall mend my ways.


F da (cycling) police.

Do what makes you happy. As long as you’re being safe and not endangering others.

Definitely suggest picking up a watery bottle though. It’s environmentally friendly and chances of your Fin popping out and disrupting riverside or street traffic is high.

  1. Tire markings should be at the valve position :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Very good point, not something I make a habit of but did that day half full more likely to pop out.
Previous bike I used a tight fitting Thermos flask, but defeat object of a lightweight bike to use now.
I need to buy new cycling kit as well as mine has no pockets to store small items.
I’m amazed at the speed difference this bike makes,not using a road bike before, wind behind me no real effort Yong Fu bridge to Bali sign 31km just under a hour crossing 2 bridges! Don’t like say how long return with headwind was.
My post was only a bit of fun after reading the “Rules” Nothing personal to the group, and yes cycling does make me happy.


camelbak. It’s against the “rules” even if I can put a shitload of things like spare tube, pump, tools, phone 3 litres of water etc. in it. For sure it increases the dorque facteur exponentially.

I had a Camelbak when trail riding, we could be out for 8-10 hours and not enough pubs in the forest. Close to us was the Ridgeway Path a few pubs out of the way, we used Guinness as fuel water to hydrate. OK Riverside Taipei drink machines and 7/11 everywhere.
Biggest pain is phone to carry, not cool in holder front of bike, the route apps use up to much battery power, rather leave behind really.
I gave Camelbak to a mate before coming here, sort of wish I hadn’t now.