Total Amateur Not following the rules!

01: No European Posterior Man-Satchels.

02: Eyewear shall be cycling specific. (300twd from Decathlon)

03: V Meters or small computers only. (mounted on crossbar and not Garmin)

04: Phone holder with built in front light electronic bell and charger. Allowed guessing not?

05: No Food On Training Rides Under Four Hours. (homemade flapjack in pink plastic bag tied to bars)

06: Tires are to be mounted with the label centre over the valve stem.

07: Pollution mask (allowed or not)

08: No visors on the road. (visor helmet from Decathlon lowest price)

09: No frame-mounted pumps. Remove unnecessary gear.

10: Make your bike photogenic. (Position incorrect side)

11: Shorts should be black.

12: Cycling shoes and bicycles are made for riding.

Sorry folks I shall mend my ways.


F da (cycling) police.

Do what makes you happy. As long as you’re being safe and not endangering others.

Definitely suggest picking up a watery bottle though. It’s environmentally friendly and chances of your Fin popping out and disrupting riverside or street traffic is high.

  1. Tire markings should be at the valve position :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
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Very good point, not something I make a habit of but did that day half full more likely to pop out.
Previous bike I used a tight fitting Thermos flask, but defeat object of a lightweight bike to use now.
I need to buy new cycling kit as well as mine has no pockets to store small items.
I’m amazed at the speed difference this bike makes,not using a road bike before, wind behind me no real effort Yong Fu bridge to Bali sign 31km just under a hour crossing 2 bridges! Don’t like say how long return with headwind was.
My post was only a bit of fun after reading the “Rules” Nothing personal to the group, and yes cycling does make me happy.


camelbak. It’s against the “rules” even if I can put a shitload of things like spare tube, pump, tools, phone 3 litres of water etc. in it. For sure it increases the dorque facteur exponentially.

I had a Camelbak when trail riding, we could be out for 8-10 hours and not enough pubs in the forest. Close to us was the Ridgeway Path a few pubs out of the way, we used Guinness as fuel water to hydrate. OK Riverside Taipei drink machines and 7/11 everywhere.
Biggest pain is phone to carry, not cool in holder front of bike, the route apps use up to much battery power, rather leave behind really.
I gave Camelbak to a mate before coming here, sort of wish I hadn’t now.

You totally put this up to mess with me, and I totally missed it!

:scream: :scream: :scream:


As long as you are on the bike, it’s all good. Rules are there to be broken, after all.

Do you guys/girls still ride your road bikes in this shitty rain or wait for it to stop?

I think half the folks on here still do. the softer half have Zwift accounts…

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Jesus they is riding the KOM as we speak. Hideous out there at 3000 meters altitude.

Ebsen in beast mode.

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I waited for a week before the rain finally stopped in my area. Took my bike out for a quick 40 minute spin. Not long after I got home, it started to rain again. But I got in 14 kilometers, and that was better than nothing. In fact, the constant threat of rain made me go faster. Got 2 PRs on Strava.


I’ve been out in the rain mostly afternoons hasn’t been to bad.
Headwinds have been biggest problem, like adding another 20k to the ride very rarely behind me.

I agree rules are there to be broken.

The f is Zwift. Something you eat?

I went out today in wind and rain nice and cool.

Not sure I believe calories count? To high I reckon also when I do higher elevations that are a lot harder I don’t have higher calorie count for kilometre range.


No way you don’t know Zwift

My biggest problem is my bike does not have a working deraileur. So it is stuck on one speed, and it’s hard to ride.

I was given another bike, with working deraileur, and tires in decent condition (not worn out). I plan to take parts off of that bike and put it on mine.

I need a Parks CT-3 though. was wondering if anyone would be willing to let me borrow one…

Rode single speed for years. Makes a man out of ya. Big thighs, bad knees.

you are a beast

Do you need to wash your bike after riding in the rain?