Toucheng / Yilan housing tips?

We’ve outgrown the apartment we bought in Taoyuan 12 years ago and are now looking to make a move to Yilan.

I’ll continue to commute to Taipei for work and we’re interested in enrolling the kids at “Ren Wen” elementary in Toucheng.

So, ideally, we’d like to find a place with quick access to Nat’l. Hwy. No. 5 and within 10-15 minutes from the school.

We’d be happy with a 40-ping hi-rise apartment with a nice view and amenities but would prefer an older house with a bit of yard.

What we looked at this past weekend were new houses in the NT$7-8 million range, which were all very lovely, but more indoor space than we need as a couple with two young kids. We’re keeping our Taoyuan apartment and not looking for an investment, just a place where the kids can enjoy an improved quality of (outdoor) life. All things considered, we should probably be looking to rent, rather than buy, except that the wife and I would both enjoy the chance to spend our weekends renovating our own place.

Any pointers on interesting locations/properties in the area would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Can’t offer specific housing help, but was just there this past weekend & noticed the ongoing construction & tourist traffic @ Wai-Ao beach just up the road.

Has the potential to be a great beachfront area, and I bet areas nearby will only get more expensive, but at the moment much of it could certainly use some “renovations.” There were a few half-finished buildings that looked like they MIGHT become apartments, or possibly just hotels. One or two newer boutique hotel places looked pretty nice, but the rest of the town screams “Fix me! Paint me! I was slapped together by a lazy blind idiot in 1962!” Maybe something there to rent or buy? Or is it all too prone to typhoon damage?

Also looked like a great spot to open a decent beach bar/burger joint/hostel (determined after 45 minutes of intense market research walking up & down the boardwalk). There wasn’t much of anything decent in terms of amenities for all the surf rats - a few surf shops & one sausage stand guy. Maybe that stuff’s all up in Fulong? I didn’t make it that far this trip. Ah, if only I were here for the long term & could do it legally & had a clue how to…

There’s also another school near Daxi that’s right on the water & offers surfing for gym class. A few more minutes the wrong direction from Toucheng, but it looked like a nice school.

Also, your kids won’t stay small for TOO long! :slight_smile: Maybe a bigger house in a depressed market is a good idea?

…but you probably knew all that already anyway… good luck w/the house hunting!